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At Portsmouth Christian Academy, we know that we are better when we’re together. We’re called to live in community with one another; to live, to learn, and to worship with one another in a way that brings glory to God. As a school, community is an important part of what we do. We recognize that educating children means partnering with parents, and the Better Together Blog is one way for us to partner with you. You’ll find this blog to be a resource for topics related to education, parenting, and more. Check in regularly to hear from PCA faculty, staff, and students, and to learn about the things that we value the most here at PCA.

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Safety for All: Our Approach to Athletics During Covid 

By Better Together Blog

By Derek Summers, PCA Athletic Director,  November 2020

While COVID has affected all of our lives in the past several months, an area that may not be as obvious to people is school athletics. Portsmouth Christian Academy has been blessed to have a fall season this year. We are grateful that our varsity men’s and women’s soccer teams and our varsity volleyball team were all able to complete 11-game regular seasons this fall. On top of that, all had an opportunity to compete in a postseason tournament.  Our cross-country teams also were able to participate in 6 meets this season and are competing in post-season meets as well!  Our Junior High teams also practiced all fall and were able to compete in at least one event/game before their seasons came to a close.

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Is Anybody There?: Creating Community in the Midst of Social Isolation

By Better Together Blog

By Elaina Russo, October 2020

Someone I know recently said he feels alone on an island these days because he can’t meet up with people the way he used to because of the pandemic. He wasn’t lamenting the loss of a full social calendar before Covid-19 that now is empty. He was talking about the organic connections—bumping into other parents during soccer practice and at our school’s assemblies and special events, the quick connections with teachers in the halls or during school field trips, and running into familiar faces in his town’s bagel shop.

Another parent shared that he feels like his interactions with his kids’ school are all transactional. A woman I know who loves to bake and bless others with her culinary creations feels like she doesn’t know how to bless people these days.

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4 Factors That Set High Schools Apart in Our Current Times  

By Better Together Blog
high schoolers learning in pandemic: High schoolers social distancing with masks in classroom with teacher in library

We find ourselves in the most challenging and uncertain times in recent memory. Therefore, as parents and high school students, we have never been more compelled to discover places of hope and light for young, developing minds. Schools aim to provide this kind of support and community. However, in our current environment, whether because of social isolation or tension and disunity, the pandemic has forced high schools to change.   Read More

PCA’s Return to Campus Plan: What to Expect in Fall 2020 

By Better Together Blog

With lingering uncertainty about how the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to impact our lives as we approach the fall, you may be wondering what you can expect from your child’s school in terms of on-site instruction at the start of the school year. While schools throughout the country are taking varying approaches, PCA has been preparing since March to bring students back to campus safely. This will be made possible in the fall through a unique and customized hybrid learning approach that is designed to serve the needs of our community.   Read More

From the PCA Library: Summer Reading Recommendations

By Better Together Blog

Summertime offers a welcome break from traditional academic work and learning. This year in particular, after ending with the unexpected season of distance learning, we’re welcoming summer vacation with open arms. Learning doesn’t stop in the summertime, though. There are many ways to continue learning during this vacation from school: one of the most important is reading! Read More

Overcoming Procrastination: Strategies for Learning at Home 

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After weeks of work-from-home, struggles with focus, engagement, and productivity are common for parents and students alike. It seems that everything takes longer than it should, and we’re all struggling to stay engagedAs you seek to support your child through continued distance learning, identifying which obstacles are in the way of time management and implementing strategies to overcome difficulties can help get your child on a more productive track.   Read More

A Peek Inside PCA: Bringing Music and Art to the Virtual Classroom

By Better Together Blog
When we think of the arts in education, we picture musicians packed into a room, practicing a challenging piece together. We picture collaborative art classes, with students providing feedback on each-other’s masterpieces. We imagine stages full of actors, reading scripts and dancing together.  

None of these images pass the six-feet social distancing test, so how does a school like Portsmouth Christian Academy (PCA), with a strong emphasis on the arts, continue educating students in the visual arts, theatre, and music?  Read More

8 Family-Friendly Activities for your April Break

By Better Together Blog
With widespread closure of schools, businesses, and state parks, parents can be hard-pressed to find something to occupy their students’ time during this April vacation. Additionally, with Gov. Sununu announcing that all schools are to continue online instruction for the rest of the academic year, some families may feel a loss in momentum in their home-learning. 

Fortunately, academic institutions across the globe have made plenty of projects, exhibits, and educational information available to the public. We’ve compiled a list of some of the fun and instructional activities for you to try out with your child during this vacation.  Read More

Mom and Dad First: Keeping a Parent-First Perspective During Distance Learning 

By Better Together Blog
Everything has changed. Weeks ago, you dropped your child off at school five days each week. You went to work. You picked them up at 3:20. You made dinner. They went to bed. There was a schedule… a plan.  

Now everything is different. Your children stay in their PJs for most of the day. Mediating disagreements and monitoring screen time is becoming your full-time job. On top of that, you may be feeling responsible for making sure that your children are learning during this time.   Read More

Virtual Classrooms: The Why and How Behind PCA’s Remote Instruction 

By Better Together Blog

Why the transition 

It’s our mission. Though these are trying times for all, the mission of PCA remains steadfast: to deliver a Christ centered education. It is no coincidence that our core value focus this year is Compassionate Community, which we define as “service and love in action.”  As a school, we have been given an opportunity to show compassion and serve one another in ways we never would have imagined.  Through this lens of compassion, we continue to find new ways to partner with our families to provide an excellent, Christ-centered education.  Read More