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Prospering Life-long in the Arts

PCA’s mission is to maximize each child’s God-given potential. In the Fine Arts department, our goal is to cultivate artists of excellent craft and character who reflect God’s image through joyful creative expression. PCA has developed its fine arts curriculum to best meet the needs of students seeking to pursue further study at the college level.
Our program combines classroom instruction, individual skill-development, and extra-curricular opportunities for each student to maximize their potential in the artistic expression of their choice. 


PCA actively cultivates the skills necessary for excellent musicianship. Every student at PCA can develop the skills necessary to create music through classroom instruction, individual lessons, and participation in band, chorus, or orchestra. Musicians improve and progress as they move through the PCA program. Musical skills are enhanced and developed in every class period and at every rehearsal. Advanced musicians have been selected for All-State ensembles and participate in other state-wide music festivals.


Opportunities in theatre abound at PCA with programs for students from kindergarten through grade 12.  For grades K-5 this means a chance to become acquainted with theatre, production, movement, and dance through offerings in the Kaleidoscope after school enrichment program.  The Fall production provides opportunities on the stage for Grades 4 – 8, and Upper School students can audition for parts in the Winter and Spring productions. Students are also given the opportunity to be involved backstage and behind the scenes.

Visual Art

The Visual Arts program at Portsmouth Christian Academy integrates the study of aesthetics, art criticism, art history, and art production. Students engage in making art, viewing and discussing art, reading and writing about art, learning about the context in which art has been created, and pondering fundamental questions about art. Students progress from story-telling and developing creativity in early grades, to learning more art history and art concepts in Junior High. At the Upper School level, students are able to focus on specific forms of art they find interest in, choosing from courses like Observational Drawing, Printmaking and Design, and Photography.