Fine Arts

at Portsmouth Christian Academy

Cultivating Artists of Excellent
Craft & Character

PCA’s all-school mission is to maximize each child’s God-given potential. In the Fine Arts department, an additional goal exists; a goal to cultivate artists of excellent craft and character who reflect God’s image through joyful creative expression. PCA has developed its Fine Arts curriculum to best meet the needs of students seeking to pursue further study at the college level.

Our program combines classroom instruction, individual skill-development, and extra-curricular opportunities for each student to maximize their potential in the artistic expression of their choice. 



From Black Box Theatre, the Spring Musical, and theatre competitions, our actors and actresses have plenty of opportunities to take center stage, or help out behind the scenes.

A Christian school boy wearing a maroon shirt.

Visual Art

Visual Art

The Visual Arts program at Portsmouth Christian Academy integrates the study of aesthetics, art criticism, art history, and art production.

A group of people from a Christian school playing instruments in a park at night.



Every student at PCA can develop the skills necessary to create music through classroom instruction, individual lessons, and participation in band, chorus, or orchestra.

It’s been so encouraging to come into an environment, both in and out of school, where everyone just wants to help and cheer you on – especially in the theatre community.

Emily Fisher ’22 | Wheaton College, Vocal Performance

Learn More and Apply

The intentionality that you will see through our admissions process is woven into the entire PCA experience, and we hope to soon welcome you to our close-knit community! What questions do you have? Contact us at 603.742.3617, ext. 155, for assistance, or start your application today!