Hardwork and Achivements: Highlights from Quarter 3 at PCA

A young girl smiling at the camera while sitting on the floor, with other children playing in the background of a classroom.

As we complete to another vibrant and successful quarter here at PCA, it’s time to reflect on the incredible achievements and milestones that have marked our journey so far. From academic triumphs to artistic endeavors, athletic feats, and community initiatives, the third quarter has been nothing short of remarkable. Join us as we take a moment to celebrate the collective brilliance and hard work of our students, faculty, and staff. From the classroom to the court, and beyond, let’s delve into the highlights that have made this quarter truly unforgettable.


Our time in PCA Preschool (PCAP) has been filled with learning and joy throughout quarter 3, and that excitement carries on into the remain portion of the school year. During this last quarter, Preschool delved into some significant themes including winter, God’s provision, the Fruits of the Spirit, Black History Month, and the rainforest. We were thrilled to witness the growth of our students across all areas, evident in the data from Teaching Strategies Gold. Our February conferences provided a great opportunity to showcase the daily progress and achievements with our wonderful parents.

Exploring the season of winter, we observed its characteristics like colder temperatures, darkness, and the scarcity of growing food. We marveled at how God provides for all creatures during this season, ensuring they have what they need to thrive. Our discussions extended to understanding hibernation, migration, and dormancy among animals.

Another focus was on the Fruits of the Spirit, where we spent considerable time discussing and exemplifying these virtues in action. Children did an exceptional job defining each fruit and recognizing instances when their peers demonstrated kindness, love, patience, self control and more. Teaching these attributes is crucial during the preschool years, as children’s cognitive development is rapidly expanding, providing an opportune time to instill and nurture such qualities.

Furthermore, we dedicated time to learning about notable black figures who made significant contributions to history. Our lessons covered individuals such as Mae Jemison, the first African-American female astronaut; George Washington Carver, a renowned inventor and scientist; Ruby Bridges, whose bravery and faith were evident as one of the first black students to integrate into an all-white school; and Martin Luther King Jr., a figure of great faith and advocate for unity among people.

Lower School Learning

The third grading quarter of the year is often the most challenging one – the days are still short and the weather continues to be dreary, and students are introduced to new learning and more challenging projects and schoolwork. At the Lower School, both teachers and students approached this quarter of learning with enthusiasm, dedication and hard work. According to their teachers, students were eager and excited to come to school every day which clearly aided in their success this quarter.

Academic Achievements in Quarter 3

This quarter, our students have demonstrated remarkable dedication to their academic pursuits. From engaging writing and research projects to creative storytelling ventures, here are some highlights:

  • Immigration Projects: Our Grade 2 students embarked on a fascinating journey, delving into their family history for the Immigration projects. Through careful study and presentation at the Immigration Fair, they brought their family members’ stories to life.
A map with the word narnia on it.
A map with the word narnia on it.
A closet with coats hanging on it.
  • Independent Investigation Method (IIM) Reports: Grades 3, 4, and 5 took on the challenge of IIM research reports, integrating various subjects into their learning. For instance, Grades 4 and 5 explored U.S. states and National Parks, while Grade 3 focused on extreme weather events, blending research with Science.
A map with the word narnia on it.
A map with the word narnia on it.
A closet with coats hanging on it.
  • Creative Writing: The creativity of our students shone brightly in Quarter 3. Fourth graders proudly published their own fairytale books, showcasing their creativity and imaginative storytelling skills. Grade 1 students immersed themselves in crafting fiction stories, and one homeroom even presented persuasive paragraphs to Dr. Abood advocating for three recesses a day!
  • Kindergarten’s Space Exploration: Kindergarten students embarked on an enthusiastic journey into space exploration. Their “I Wonder…” writing and “Trip to the Moon” narratives reflected their boundless curiosity and love for learning.

Third Quarter Special Events

Quarter 3 was also filled with special events designed to motivate, encourage and enhance the academic achievements of our students:

  • Read-a-thon: February witnessed our Grades K-5 students collectively reading over 329,000 minutes during the Read-a-thon, a testament to their love for books and stories.
  • March Math Madness: Students moved from reading challenges right into March Math Madness, which encouraged and incentivized students in Grades 1 through 5 to accomplish special math challenges, aiming to earn snow cones and a dress down day!
  • Celebrations: Quarter 3 was not without its celebrations, including the joyous observance of the 100th day of school. Moreover, our students led thoughtful chapel programs and posed insightful questions during Bible sessions, showcasing their growth and engagement.
A group of people sitting at a table listening to a speaker.
A girl is standing in front of a microphone.
A group of children clapping in a gym.

Highlights Through the Eyes of Students

We asked a few 3rd and 4th graders about their highlights of Quarter 3, and their responses were a delightful glimpse into their experiences: learning together, cherishing time with friends, enjoying classroom fun, and celebrating a beloved teacher’s birthday.

Quarter 3 was a period of growth, exploration, and celebration for our Lower School students. As we look ahead to the next chapter, we carry with us the memories of these achievements and the spirit of enthusiasm that defines our learning community.

Middle School Growth and Engagement Across Subjects

In the third quarter at PCA, the Middle School students demonstrated remarkable progress, not only in academics but also in personal growth through perseverance and hard work.

Exploring Themes and Cultivating Insights

This quarter our 6th graders have been reading through Esperanza Rising. Throughout our reading, our class has exhibited remarkable growth in their discussion skills. Delving into deep concepts and themes, such as resilience, identity, and social injustice, our students have demonstrated a newfound ability to engage thoughtfully with the text. From analyzing character motivations to dissecting plot developments, each discussion session has revealed their increasing confidence and insight. Because of their investment in the class discussions, they were able to create insightful podcast interviews. 

Social Studies: Roman Engineering and Gladiator Simulation

In Middle School social studies, students engaged in hands-on activities that brought ancient Roman civilization to life. One of the highlights was the construction of miniature aqueducts using everyday household materials. Through this interactive project, students gained a deeper understanding of Rome’s ingenious engineering feats. We also participated in a thrilling gladiator simulation, in which students learned about the brutal yet captivating world of gladiatorial combat, exploring its significance in Roman society and culture. In math, I’ve seen several students persevere through difficult concepts with a positive outlook.  It’s been exciting to witness students begin the year with math as their weakest subject and push to transform it into a strength! I’m so proud to see my math students push themselves daily to grow in their knowledge and ability.

Advancement in Math

In our 6th-grade math class, students have demonstrated a strong grasp of expressions and equations. Impressed by their progress, students were introduced to the seventh-grade curriculum on equations and inequalities – with the goal to maintain their momentum by offering more challenging material. Witnessing our students’ determination and resilience throughout this advanced unit was truly inspiring.

In other middle school math, we’ve observed many students tackle difficult math concepts with optimism. It’s been exciting to watch students who initially struggled with math at the beginning of the year work hard to turn it into a strength. We’re immensely proud of our students for their consistent dedication to broadening their understanding and skills in mathematics every single day.

Exploring Science: Gummy Bear Osmosis & Fun Lab Experiments

In 7th Grade science, students engaged in a gummy bear lab to understand osmosis. Through this experiment, they observed how gummy bears grew at varying rates based on the solution they were immersed in. The intention was to demonstrate the process of osmosis and its effects on different materials.

Moving to 8th Grade science, students delved into the distinctions between physical and chemical changes via a series of enjoyable labs. They participated in activities such as creating elephant toothpaste, concocting slime, and roasting s’mores. These hands-on experiences provided tangible evidence of the differences between physical changes, which alter the appearance without changing the substance, and chemical changes, which involve the formation of new substances. The aim was to foster a deeper understanding of these fundamental scientific concepts through interactive and engaging experiments.

Upper School Achievements

During Quarter 3, the Upper School’s Math Team, led by Mrs. Wanda Kezar, traveled to NHTI to compete in the 50th Annual N.H. Mathematics Contest. The team came into the competition with momentum after a strong season placing 3rd in the Southeastern Math League and was primed for a strong performance. The Team, captained by junior Max Ye, put forth an incredible effort throughout a day’s worth of competition and ultimately earned 3rd place! Congratulations to Mrs. Kezar and all the Team members! 

We are also pleased to share that two of our mathletes, Kennedy Rengkung and Robin Chen, scored in the top 15 in all of New Hampshire and have been invited to participate on the State’s team in the American Regions Mathematics League national competition. Well done to Kennedy and Robin, we will be cheering you on and you continue to compete with excellence!

Eagles Soar in Athletics

Athletics at PCA witnessed an outstanding array of achievements across various levels and disciplines in quarter 3.

Celebrating Excellence: Winter Sports Awards Recap

Winter sports season has come to a close, and it’s time to recognize the outstanding achievements of our student-athletes and coaches. From the hardwood to the track, our athletes have showcased dedication, skill, and sportsmanship. Let’s take a closer look at the remarkable accomplishments in each sport and the individuals who have stood out.

Basketball Highlights:

The basketball court was ablaze with talent this season, as evidenced by the impressive accolades received by our players:

  • Ava Buchanan shone bright as she clinched the prestigious title of First Team All-State in the NHBCO Division IV All-State Awards. Her exceptional performance and leadership on the court did not go unnoticed.
  • Connor Hickey demonstrated his prowess and earned the well-deserved recognition of Second Team All-State in the NHBCO Division IV All-State Awards. His contributions were integral to the team’s success.
  • Cai Summers showcased his skills and was recognized with an Honorable Mention All-State in the NHBCO Division IV All-State Awards. His dedication and hard work are commendable.
  • The Granite State Conference was also a stage for our talented athletes. Ava Buchanan secured a spot on the Granite State Conference Girls South Team and Connor Hickey and Cai Summers secured spots on the Granite State Conference Boys South Team.
  • The coaching staff played a pivotal role in the team’s performance, with Coach Waldemar Kohl being honored as the JV Coach of the Year in the NHBCO Division IV All-State Awards. His guidance and mentorship were invaluable to the team’s success.

Indoor Track and Field Triumphs:

Indoor track and field provided another platform for our athletes to shine. Here are the standout performers:

  • Caterina Hutt made her mark in the Granite State South Conference for Girls Indoor Track and Field, showcasing her athleticism and dedication.
  • In the Boys’ division, athletes Jonas Teeter and Ivan Sturgis demonstrated their skills, earning recognition in the Granite State South Conference.
  • Tim Kelm was also crowned Athlete of the Year for his outstanding performance and leadership.

Men’s JV Basketball Excellence:

The Men’s JV Basketball team left an indelible mark on the court, finishing as runners-up in the NHIAA JV Division IV Championship. Their hard work and determination were evident throughout the season, culminating in a commendable achievement.

High school basketball game in a gym with two teams, one player dribbling while being defended closely by an opponent. banners and trophies are visible in the background.
The logo for the wpi.
A young male basketball player dribbling a ball across the court, focused, wearing a dark jersey with the number 2. another player in a white jersey follows.

As we reflect on the winter sports season, it’s clear that our student-athletes have excelled both individually and collectively. Their dedication, resilience, and passion for their respective sports have not only brought glory to our school but also inspired us all. Congratulations to all the award recipients, coaches, and teams for an outstanding season of winter sports excellence!

Honoring Our Student Athletes

The Annual NHIAA and NHADA Scholar Athlete Awards Ceremony, hosted by the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association and the New Hampshire Athletic Directors Association, celebrated the hard work of our winter season student athletes.

Student athletes from high schools across New Hampshire were honored for their remarkable achievements in both academics and athletics. These exceptional individuals were nominated by their school principals, meeting specific criteria: maintaining a B+ or equivalent grade point average, actively participating in at least two varsity sports, engaging in community service, and serving as exemplary role models for their peers.

Each deserving student athlete was presented with an award certificate during the ceremony. Among the distinguished recipients were the following outstanding individuals from PCA:

  • Dominic Anella
  • Shelby Gray
  • Timothy Kelm
  • Thomas King
  • Isaac Kohl
  • Yohan Koshy
  • Kloe MacKenzie
  • Tatiana Stockbower
  • Ivan Sturgis
  • Jonas Teeter

Congratulations to these hardworking student athletes for their dedication and commitment both on and off the field!

Fine Arts: Recognition and Preparation

Quarter 3 at PCA has been bustling with artistic endeavors and preparation for an eventful quarter 4 across various disciplines. Let’s delve into the highlights of our recent activities:

  • Choral Achievements: Incredible news came during this quarter with nine PCA students earning spots in the Elementary and Middle School honor’s choirs, and our All State musicians will travel to Concord, NH to showcase their talents.
The logo for the wpi.
A man playing a cello.
A group of men playing saxophones.
  • Spring Concert Preparations: Our youngest musicians in primary music classes are eagerly preparing to showcase their growth in the upcoming Spring Concert. It was also a quarter of exploration for our third grade students, who have been diving into the world of the violin. Our fourth-grade band students have been showcasing their hard work by mastering musical pieces faster than any previous fourth-grade band. As a result, they have learned more pieces than originally planned!
  • Stringfest: Eight of our 7th graders represented PCA at Stringfest on March 9, participating in the highest-level orchestra. They performed Pieces of Eight, Sleeper’s Awake, and Gauntlet alongside other middle school students from all over NH. It was an amazing opportunity to grow under a master conductor and play in a huge orchestra!
  • Ensemble Celebrations: Wrapping up the quarter, our three Upper School ensembles—Symphony, Voices, and Jazz Band—came together to celebrate Music in Our Schools with a memorable concert on March 19th. This concert included five Middle School students performed challenging music with the Upper School Symphony, including Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5. Great job, students!
Visual Arts
  • Preparation for the Spring Art Shows: During quarter 3, across all grades, our visual art students have been hard at work preparing captivating pieces for the upcoming art shows in May and June.
  • Spring Musical Preparations: We kicked off the quarter with the excitement of spring musical informational meetings and auditions, with rehearsals now in full swing for this highly anticipated event.
  • One Act Festival: The excitement continued with the One Act Festival’s successful informance on February 15th, where they shared the ins and outs of the festival competition with a live audience. On March 9th, they took their show on the road, spending the day in workshops with theater students from across the seacoast. Special recognition goes to two of our US students, Levi Abbett and Jonah Locher, who received individual awards for their outstanding performances.
The logo for the wpi.
A group of men playing saxophones.
Special Performances:
  • Stringfest Representation: Seven graders showcased their talents at Stringfest, performing alongside peers from across New Hampshire under a master conductor.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Celebration: To celebrate St Patrick’s Day and all things Irish, our orchestra went on tour in the PCA hallways with Be Thou My Vision and a fun fiddle tune, Rakes of Mallow. Students and teachers came out of their classes to enjoy the impromptu performances, capturing the spirit of the holiday.

It’s been a quarter filled with growth, achievement, and shared joy in the arts. Each endeavor, from musical performances to visual art showcases, reflects our students’ dedication and passion for creative expression. We eagerly anticipate the continued flourishing of our fine arts community at PCA.