Homeschooling: Committed Parents, Curious Learners

As a homeschool parent, you’ve made a commitment to purposefully develop your child into an independent learner who will be inculcated with your family’s core values. Inherent in your commitment is the dedicated time you spend researching, planning, teaching, collaborating, motivating, and encouraging.

Homeschool children are curious, motivated, independent students with a love of learning. They are thoughtful and articulate young people who know who they are and Whose they are.

Creating a Partnership

Portsmouth Christian Academy (PCA) recognizes your homeschool commitment and partners with the homeschool community to offer a la carte classes in support of your at-home curriculum. From mathematics to music, elementary to high school, PCA offers excellent academics and enrichments for your child’s educational and spiritual development. Our differentiated learning approach is undergirded by a Christian worldview and challenges your child to maximize his/her God-given potential.

At PCA, we see firsthand the investment homeschool parents make in their children. Homeschool students are self-motivated and curious learners, with hearts for serving their families, God, and the community. We value the discipline and commitment that homeschool students bring to their studies, and we appreciate the opportunity to embrace homeschool students into the PCA family.

Shared Values

PCA’s mission is to honor God joyfully by inspiring students to maximize their God-given potential. We do that by focusing on many of the same core values that you do as parents:

  • Christ-centeredness: a worldview that embraces Christ over everything and in everything
  • Biblical integrity: actions and attitudes consistent with biblical teaching
  • Compassionate community: service and love in action
  • Curiosity: awe, wonder, and exploration of God’s Word and His world
  • Excellence: Discipline to pursue constant improvement
  • Humility: Recognition of who we are in relation to Christ and others
  • Joy: Delight in God

Why Partner with a Traditional School?

PCA is blessed to have many homeschool families as part of its community. When asked why they chose to incorporate traditional schooling into their homeschooling model, homeschool parents regularly respond with things like:

  • “We wanted to offer our child opportunities we couldn’t at home.”
  • “The other kids in our homeschool co-op were aging out, and our child craved the stimulation and bonds we had.”
  • “My comfort level with the subject was waning, and I wanted my child to have someone teaching him who was passionate and considered an expert in that area, and could impart a love of the subject to him.”
  • “Our child was ready to try something new.”
  • “We reached the point where my child no longer appreciated mom-as-teaching-authority. His independence was growing and he needed to have separation of authority in the home (as parents) and authority of subject matter/school.”
  • “We wanted our daughter to be ready for college—academically and socially—and with strong executive skills that would allow her to thrive at college without mom and dad guiding.”

If you have any additional questions about Homeschool Connection or would like to learn more about class schedules and the application process, please reach out to us us at 603-742-3617, ext. 121, or at We look forward to hearing from you!

Please Note: Due to high enrollment and classroom capacity, Homeschool Connection will not be available at the Lower School for the 2022-2023 school year.