Homeschool Connection

at Portsmouth Christian Academy

Partnering with Our
Homeschool Community

Portsmouth Christian Academy recognizes the homeschool commitment we see within our community and partners with those families to offer a la carte classes in support of their at-home curriculum. From mathematics to music, elementary to high school, PCA offers excellent academics and enrichments for your child’s educational and spiritual development. Our differentiated learning approach is undergirded by a Christian worldview and challenges your child to maximize his or her God-given potential.

Why Choose Homeschool Connection?

Learn more to see how Portsmouth Christian Academy’s Homeschool Connection provides opportunities for homeschool families.


What is PCA’s Homeschool Connection?

Homeschool Connection is a program that allows homeschool students the opportunity to compliment their current at-home curriculum with a la carte classes in a traditional part-time school format.


Where does Homeschool Connection take place?

Classes take place both physically on campus as well as online in an offsite, synchronous learning option.


How do I apply for Homeschool Connection?

Students interested in Homeschool Connection must submit a formal application, required application materials, and non-refundable application fee in order to be considered for part-time enrollment. To apply, please visit our Apply to PCA page.

Please note: The Homeschool Connection application does not differ from our full-time application.


Who is eligible to participate in Homeschool Connection?

Pending grade and class availability, Homeschool Connection is offered to students in grade 6 through 12.

Please note: Each student can take a total of 3 courses per semester, 2 of which can be core classes.


When are classes offered and when can I enroll for classes?

Classes vary based on the current year class schedule. Course schedule is available to potential Homeschool Connection students after all full time students’ schedule is set – typically after August 1st.

How Much?

How much is the Homeschool Connection tuition?

For the 2023-2024 school year, each full-year one credit course costs $1,500 (USD) and half year electives $750 (USD). A fee of $250 per quarter is required for all Offsite Homeschool Connection Students regardless of how many classes are taken. Advance Placement (AP), Dual Enrollment (DE), Academic Prep classes are also subject to additional fees.

Homeschool Connection students can also participate in extracurricular activities which may come with additional costs.

Why Partner with a Traditional School?

PCA is blessed to have many homeschool families as part of its community.
When asked why they chose to incorporate traditional schooling into their homeschooling model, homeschool parents responded with:

“We wanted our daughter to be ready for college—academically and socially—and with strong executive skills that would allow her to thrive at college without mom and dad guiding.”

“My comfort level with the subject was waning, and I wanted my child to have someone teaching him who was passionate and considered an expert in that area, and could impart a love of the subject to him.”

“We reached the point where my child no longer appreciated mom-as-teaching-authority. His independence was growing and he needed to have separation of authority in the home (as parents) and authority of subject matter/school.”

“The other kids in our homeschool co-op were aging out, and our child craved the stimulation and bonds we had.”

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