Before and Aftercare

at Portsmouth Christian Academy

With families from more than 55 towns across the Seacoast, our busy parents appreciate the opportunity to utilize our after-school Kaleidoscope workshops as well as our before and after-school programs, which run from 7:15 a.m. to the start of the school day and end of the school day to 5:30 p.m, respectively. 

Families interested in Beforecare and Aftercare services can utilize them on a drop-in basis for full school days and will be billed on a monthly basis. Families will need to pre-register for Aftercare on early dismissal days through the Kaleidoscope Registration Page available a few weeks prior to the new quarter. Pre-registration will allow PCA to staff early dismissal days appropriately for the number of students registered.

Before and Aftercare Schedule

Beforecare (7:15-7:45am) takes place in the main gymnasium. Students are to be dropped off from their vehicle at the main gym lobby doors. Please remain in your vehicle. 

Aftercare (3:20-5:30pm on full days and 12:20-3:30pm on early dismissal days) takes place in the below locations (all students will be picked up from the same location, described in the Pick-up Procedures): 

  • PCAP students remain in PCAP until 5pm and then join the rest of Aftercare in the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room)
  • K-5 students are brought to the MPR after dismissal (between 3:20-3:30pm). 
  • Middle School (MS) students remain in MS until 4:30pm, at which time they are brought to the MPR. 

Students will enjoy time outside when the weather is favorable and will do homework, play games, and socialize within each Aftercare area, as appropriate.  

Pick-up Procedures: Parents will park in the Lower School parking lot and get buzzed into the MPR (2nd door as you walk down the fire lane at the corner of the parking lot) to sign their student out with Aftercare staff. Please bring your driver’s license and carpool number with you, as you will be asked to show them for the safety of your child.  

Before and Aftercare Fees

Before and Aftercare Fees are $8/hour per student and based on the time of drop-off and pick-up. Fees are billed in 15 minute increments as seen below.  

Drop-off Time Between Fee 
7:15-7:45am $4.00 

Pick-up Time Between Fee 
3:20-3:45pm $2.00 
3:45-4:00pm $4.00 
4:00-4:15pm $6.00 
4:15-4:30pm $8.00 
4:30-4:45pm $10.00
4:45-5:00pm $12.00
5:00-5:15pm $14.00
5:15-5:30pm $16.00

Early Dismissal Aftercare runs from 12:20-3:30pm:  

Pick-up Time Between Fee 
12:20-12:45pm $2.00 
12:45-1:00pm $4.00 
1:00-1:15pm $6.00 
1:15-1:30pm $8.00

Late pick-up policy: There is a surcharge for non-registered/emergency care on early dismissal days and for anyone children picked up after 5:30pm. The surcharge is $10.00, per child, for the first 10 minutes and then $1.00 for every minute, thereafter. After three late pick-ups (after 5:30pm on full days or after 3:30 on early dismissal days) in a year could result in the loss of Aftercare privileges.  

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