Preparing Students for

Excellent Academics

PCA’s college-prep program offers a variety of courses at the Honors and AP Level, giving students the opportunity to be challenged, academically, and build 21st century skills such as computational excellence and critical thinking.

Meaningful Community

At PCA, students experience the joy of building community through shared experiences. Whether it’s in a classroom, on the basketball court, or outside at lunch, students are able to build relationships with teachers and coaches that genuinely care for young man and woman as a brother or sister in Christ.

Maximizing Potential

Students are able to tailor their learning experience to their own interests. PCA offers three different diploma options that give students the opportunity to pursue their interests in academics, STEM, or Fine Art. When you add in electives and Dual Enrollment options, students are given all the tools they need to discover their own path for impacting the world for good.

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