Mondays With Mike Podcast: Looking Ahead to 2024

PCA Community,

Welcome back from Christmas Break, and Happy New Year to 2024! It’s good to be with you as we gear up for the second half of this school year and start looking ahead to the next one.

I wanted to give you a heads up about the upcoming State of the School address scheduled for February 8th (Thursday). This happens annually and is an opportunity for us to share insights into where we’ve been and where we’re headed. Your presence is valued, and more details will follow.

As we prepare for the address over the coming weeks, I will share some key thoughts on the coming year: constants to expect, changes we are working on, and specific areas of focus for the upcoming year.

Four PCA Resolutions for 2024

In this week’s Mondays with Mike, I focus on what you can expect consistently—things we do now that we will continue to do as a school and always seek to improve upon. Below is a summary of the 10-minute recording.

1. Commitment to Partnership: Our dedication to partnering with you–parents and guardians–remains steadfast. We believe in the shared responsibility of nurturing and guiding your children, aligning with Deuteronomy chapter 6. I talk more about this in the podcast. 

2. Character Formation: 
Our commitment to building Christian character is unwavering. From Preschool to Upper School, we aim to help your child grow in character, live in compassionate community, and develop into a well-rounded, equipped learner. 

3. Educational Excellence: To provide your child the best learning environment, year over year, we are committed to getting better ourselves. We continue to enhance our professional development and educational practices behind the scenes. Expect an increasingly robust curriculum that meets the needs of your child, fostering both his/her interests and challenges.

4. Growth Mindset: Our focus is on growth in various dimensions—physical, character depth, and spiritual depth. We encourage critical thinking, challenge students at different stages, and foster growth that leads to tangible fruit, such as joy, curiosity, and kindness.