Visual Arts

at Portsmouth Christian Academy

Creative Expression at Portsmouth Christian Academy

The Visual Arts program at Portsmouth Christian Academy integrates the study of aesthetics, art criticism, art history, and art production. Students engage in making art, viewing and discussing art, reading and writing about art, learning about the context in which art has been created, and pondering fundamental questions about art. Students progress from exploring the elements of art while developing creativity and visual story-telling in early grades, to learning more advanced art concepts, principles of design and new techniques in upper level art classes.

Preschool, Primary and Elementary

Our youngest students dabble with delight as they explore various art mediums, exercise their creativity and express their heart through their art. Drawing, painting, printmaking, weaving and ceramics are enjoyed while learning about line, shape, color, value, texture, form and space. Children are inspired by famous artists and multi-cultural art forms, and students make meaningful connections with interdisciplinary topics, the Auction Art theme, and the elderly in our community through gifts of art during special times of the year.

Middle School

At the Middle School level, students are able to explore a wide variety of different media including colored pencils, paint, ceramics, collage, printmaking, and more. Artists are explored in the various contexts of each project. Students have opportunities to respond to seasoned artist’s artwork as well as learn about the elements of art and principles of design that are incorporated into the projects. At the end of the year, artwork is displayed in an annual art show.

Upper School

At the Upper School level, students are able to focus on specific forms of art in which they find interest, choosing from courses like Drawing, Painting, Photography, Studio Art, Ceramics, and Sculpture. Techniques and methods are explored using the mediums related to the specific form of art. We explore influential and historical artists as well as learn how to create different styles of art. Artwork is displayed for the annual art show at the end of the school year.