Since 1999, PCA’s Preschool has had an early education program that is fully committed to partnering with parents in developing each child’s potential.  In a dedicated area of the Lower School, our preschool children enjoy a safe, fun, and nurturing learning environment that offers opportunity for choice within safe community structures.  Recognizing that young children may exhibit a wide range of developmental levels and competencies, the preschool program is designed to introduce students to the world of learning in a way that builds strong self-efficacy (“I can do that!”) and a love of learning through both discovery and instruction.  The preschool curriculum is designed to mold around the needs of the individual child.  While themes and activities are consistent, the level of challenge is differentiated according to the needs of each learner in order to keep each student excited in accomplishing new things.

Parents will find that the flexibility of our preschool offerings provides the right accommodations for almost any need from full-day, five-day to part-time options.  In addition, special programs in areas such as music, art, and dance are offered through our award-winning Kaleidoscope program.  Parents desiring continued childcare after the end of the school day can choose our Aftercare program until 5:45 PM.

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  • 2 days (Tuesday and Thursday)
  • 3 days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • 5 days


  • 3 days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
  • 5 days

Half-day program: 8:30 AM-11:30 AM

Full-day program: 8:30 AM -3:00 PM

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Before Care:  7:00 AM- 8:00 AM

After Care:  3:30 PM- 5:45 PM

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Portsmouth Christian Academy’s preschool has been built around the belief that childhood should be a time of safety, play, and most of all, learning.

The preschool day, tailored to meet the needs of the family, is designed to offer students opportunities to:

  1. learn about community, including cooperative play, experimentation, and family activities
  2. explore God’s creation, recognizing  the characteristics of the world about them how they fit into that world and
  3. develop readiness skills that promote the pre- reading and early math skills necessary for future learning.  When readiness skills are mastered, many students naturally move into beginning stages of reading, writing and computing.


The preschool day includes a balance of learning and play. Full-time preschool students will attend the following enrichment classes 2-3 times per week:  Music, Art, PE, and Library. Each classroom follows a different daily schedule, which you are welcome to view below.

3-year-old Minnow Classroom schedule

4-year-old Polliwog Classroom schedule

4-year-old Frog Classroom schedule

Portsmouth Christian Academy Preschool is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International. Because, as a private school, we are approved for attendance by the NH Department of Education, we are not a a NH licensed facility; but still abide by the State of NH licensing rules and regulations.