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PCA’s Mosaic, a multi-faceted resource program at Portsmouth Christian Academy, exists to maximize our students’ God-given potential by encouraging and valuing distinct differences. We ensure accessibility to academic and personal growth by supporting students through individualized, engaging experiences.  To accomplish this, Mosaic accomplishes several functions which are listed below.  

Please note: Availability into our Mosaic Program is limited. Based on our current program resources, your child would need to be accepted into our Mosaic Program in order to receive the services listed below. If you believe your child would benefit from our Mosaic Program, or if your child has a current IEP or 504, please share with our Admissions Team in the beginning of your admissions process.


First, Mosaic supports those students who arrive at PCA with “gaps” in content or skills.  Typically, these gaps result from the students’ attending schools with different philosophies or scope and sequences.  In these cases, resource help is short-term, targeted and meant to alleviate any interruptions in learning caused by the transition from one school to another.


Second, the resource personnel supports students who, while performing within the average to slightly below average on standardized tests (50th percentile to 40th percentile), do not meet the average performance of PCA students (80th percentile).  In these cases, resource support is seen as more long-term, with the intent to offer remediation so that learning can become easier.


The third function of the Mosaic department is to offer support to students who have some type of documented learning difficulty.  Named an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in public school, this becomes an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) in private schools. Depending on the age and need of the student, resource-based interventions can be provided within the school day. In addition, the Mosaic team attends to the learner’s program, to ensure that modifications and accommodations are accomplished in the classrooms.  The resource department also works with students who are identified with learning difficulties while enrolled at PCA following a three-step process. Support is provided as part of tuition when offered in small groups two times per week.  There is an additional charge when the service is offered to individuals or pairs three times per week.


In addition to these three areas of learning support, the resource department also offers opportunities for enrichment to those students who need more challenge than afforded by the differentiation that already exists within the classroom or department level.  Students may be identified for this level of work by NWEA Tests and/or DIBELS scores, teachers, or in some cases, parents.  At the Lower School, enrichment is offered through choices of activities that may include STEM, writing, sign language, etc.  At the Upper School level, these students are challenged through course selection, dual enrollment, independent studies and competitive academic competition.  

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