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at Portsmouth Christian Academy

Thank you for your interest in PCA!

We do all we do at Portsmouth Christian Academy with great joy and confidence. You are always welcome on PCA’s campus and we invite you to schedule a time to come and learn more about us. We hope to see you soon!

Welcome, from our Head of School!

Hello! Thank you for your interest in PCA.

Portsmouth Christian Academy is a community of dedicated, professional, growing Christian educators and staff who love God and seek to strengthen His kingdom in the Seacoast region and beyond through excellent, biblical education.

PCA’s community is a diverse one, unifying around our God-focused mission and our people: students, parents, faculty, staff, and supporters. Our 400+ families come from over 50 towns across three states and around the world.

With this openness to our community, we joyfully and confidently teach from a historically faithful Christian foundation in which churches across Christendom can be confident. We present both truth and love, affirming the biblical requirement for both together, embodied in Christ Jesus Himself.

How do we do this? The key is that PCA develops and sustains a biblically grounded growth mindset across a student’s time at PCA, from our 3-year-old preschoolers to 18-year-old seniors. We teach, coach, and mentor in confidence that He who began a good work in us will carry it on until He completes it, in Christ Jesus (Philippians 1:6). Each student’s formative years at PCA compel us to embrace a vision for guided, sustained growth in partnership with parents, and with increasing cooperation and autonomy for the students as they mature into young adulthood.

Our approach at PCA is four-fold. First and foremost, we focus on developing individual and collective Christian character. Next, we foster compassionate community, on and off campus among our student body, across families, and with our neighbors, illustrating God’s love for us by how we love. Third, we deliver challenging, engaging, and interesting curriculum that develops our students over time, in every domain, and with increasing choice and autonomy. Finally, together with parents, we help identify each student’s God-giftedness, talents, and interests and provide a basis to begin to highlight possible life callings of leadership, service, and vocation.

Our alumni, now over 1000, aim to be servant leaders on their campuses, in their companies, and among their communities. When our students graduate, we send them out on a mission themselves: to go, and impact the world for good, reflecting the Great Commission Jesus gave His disciples (Matthew 28). We point them to a higher calling of serving God and serving others. We find that many of them do, leaving their time at PCA as individuals committed to growing and learning.

PCA’s approach to excellent, biblical education has been our foundation since Bettie Miller obediently followed God’s call to open a Christian school on the Seacoast in 1979. We have seen God work faithfully and powerfully each year since then, in our individual students as well as in our collective endeavor of raising and sustaining an excellent school. God has performed multiple miracles.

We do all of this with great joy and confidence and invite you to learn more about us. We look forward to meeting you and your family. You are always welcome on PCA’s campus. We hope to see you soon!

Mike Runey

Head of School

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