PCA Stories


Dr. Carrie Abood

“There is thought, research, wisdom, and prayer behind all the decisions made, big or small.”
Read Dr. Abood’s Story. 

Mr. Stephen Foley

“We see these kids as made in God’s image. They’re little brothers and sisters.”
Read Mr. Foley’s Story. 

Mrs. Beverly Shevenell

“I love that I can pray with my students and encourage them in their spiritual journeys.”
Read Mrs. Shevenell’s Story.

Mrs. Elaina Russo

“Based on my experience as a PCA parent, I knew that I wanted to become involved in the school on another level.”
Read Mrs. Russo’s Story. 

Mrs. Ruth Brown

“Partnering with parents to help their children establish and reach goals is a joy!”
Read Mrs. Brown’s Story. 

Miss Sue Long

“I love what teachers at PCA sewed into my own family over the years.”
Read Miss Sue’s Story. 

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