What brought you to PCA?
My daughters were in kindergarten and second grade, and I wanted to volunteer to do some science enrichment in their classrooms. When Dennis Runey found out that I had a degree in chemistry he offered me a job.

How long have you worked at PCA?
This is my 24th year.

What classes and grade levels do you teach?
I teach chemistry to all the sophomores. I also teach AP chemistry and conceptual physics to upperclassmen.

What do you love most about PCA?
I love the atmosphere. The students are cheerful, respectful, and hardworking. My fellow teachers are dedicated to serving the Lord and supportive of each other, both personally and professionally.

Why do you like teaching at PCA?
I love that I can pray with my students and encourage them in their spiritual journeys. Many times their testimonies encourage me in my walk also.

What is one word that best describes the school? Tell us why you chose that word?
Loving. People here have genuine relationships and truly care about each other.

How are faith and learning integrated at PCA?
Sometimes the curriculum lends itself to discussions of Biblical truth. For example, when I taught biology we studied Genesis 1 and a few other passages as we discussed the theory of evolution and its implications for world view. Other times the subject matter illuminates God’s power as we see complexity, order, and precision in what He has created. We have to take a step back every now and then to stand in awe.

How do you impact the spiritual formation of students?
There are many opportunities that are intentionally created by our administrators such as participation in small groups and speaking at chapel. There are others that I plan in advance, such as praying with the first class of the day every morning and sharing “chemistry devotions”. But I think the most impactful opportunities are the ones orchestrated by God, such as when He prompts me to go into the restroom just when there is a girl in there who is melting down who needs a hug and a prayer. The “unplanned” interactions that are arranged by the Holy Spirit are the ones that I remember forever, and I hope the students do also.

What is a unique experience, talent, or interest that you bring to your classroom that helps shape the learning experience at PCA?
I think my background as a lab technician in a research laboratory shapes my passion for including original research as part of the science curriculum.

What sets PCA students apart from other students?
PCA students are optimistic and positive