Why We Love Our Teachers

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Our students have shared some of the things they love the most about their teachers at PCA. We’d like to ask YOU to join in! Be sure to show (and tell!) your teachers that you appreciate them this week!

Teachers are fun.

“PCA teachers are the best. They make class really funny and are always so helpful.” – Maverick, Grade 3

“The teachers at PCA always come up with fun and creative activities in class!” – Jaela, Grade 4

“I love how Mrs. Lund is so kind and funny. She’s so joyful!” – Logan, Grade 3

Teachers care for us.

“The teachers notice what makes us special. They recognize what our strengths are and they compliment those things. It makes me feel special that they recognize things about me!”– Hallie, Grade 6

“Teachers like Mr. Gamble, Mr. and Mrs. Shevenell, and Mr. Foley have taught me a lot about academics, myself, and work ethic.” – Erik, Grade 11

“We share prayer requests in class every morning, and when my teacher checks in with me later in the week to see how I’m doing and make sure everything is okay, it makes me feel cared for.” – Avery, Grade 6

“Mrs. Sites was helpful and taught me all about PCA when I first came. I love having her as a teacher!” – Matthew, Grade 5

“My teacher made transitioning to a new school easy by showing me that he cared.” – Ella, grade 8

“Mrs. Shevenell is so kind and patient. She’s willing to answer all my questions and encourages me in class when I’m not confident in my skills.” – Jim, Grade 11

Teachers want to see us succeed.

“I can tell that our teachers want us to learn, and they give the perfect level of challenge. They’re open if we need help and it’s easy to go to them with questions.” – Avery, Grade 8

“My teachers want to see me succeed in my own way… they recognize what areas I need to grow in and they encourage me to build those skills.” – Yohan, Grade 7

“My teacher takes her time to help me understand when I’m stuck on a hard concept. I’m glad I can go to her with questions.” – Kaia, Grade 4

“I like that Mr. Snyder makes sure everyone is on the same page. He does not give up on explaining math questions until it is as clear as possible, and he makes class so fun.” – Angel, Grade 12

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