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Learning In and Outside the Classroom

As we strive to fulfill our school’s mission to teach and encourage each student to maximize their God-given intellectual, artistic, physical, and spiritual potential, we find it imperative to offer a variety of enrichment opportunities designed to help your child discover new interests and skills, or further develop existing ones. 

Kaleidoscope Workshops

We emphasize the education of the whole child, extending learning beyond the walls of the classroom. As such, through our afterschool Kaleidoscope program, our PreK-through-8 students can explore a variety of extracurricular options, allowing students to take on new and exciting things in areas of their choosing including athletics, drama, robotics, LEGO Builders, Coyote Club, cross-country skiing, and more!

Sample Kaleidoscope Workshop Offerings Include:

  • Coding
  • Virtual Reality
  • Soccer Shots
  • Basketball
  • Dodgeball
  • Pottery
  • Coyote Club
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Violin
  • Voice Lessons
  • Foreign Language

Private Music Lessons

If your child is serious about developing his/her musical talent, or if they have decided to try something completely new, our staff of highly qualified music teachers can help them develop at a pace that is right for them. 

Students interested in enhancing their musical abilities have many opportunities to maximize their potential through Portsmouth Christian Academy’s private music lessons. Our highly qualified music teachers offer private lessons throughout the school year during free periods, lunch and recess, and after school depending on your schedule. The day and time of lessons is to be arranged between parent and instructor.

Lesson Fees:
$16.50/ 15-minute lesson
$33.00/ 30-minute lesson
$49.50/ 45-minute lesson
$66.00/ 60-minute lesson

Exact fee is dependent on the number of weeks in each quarter. Determined by the number of weeks in a quarter and instructor preference, lessons can run for 6 to 9 weeks.

Academic Enrichment & Support

If your child is in need of academic support or if you would like for them to develop better study habits and time management, we offer private tutoring to meet your child’s needs.

PCA Teachers at all school levels provide tutoring in many subject areas including math, reading/language arts, and foreign language. Whether your child needs support, greater challenge, or help with organizational and study skills, we are here to help in any way we can.   

The day of week (Monday-Friday), times (before or after school), and number of sessions to start with will be agreed upon by the parent and teacher. 

Session Fees:
$20.00/ 30-minute session
$30.00/ 45-minute session
$40.00/ 60-minute session

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