PCA Eagles SOAR at their First Home Cross Country Meet

September 12, 2019PCA News Stories

Congratulations to the Varsity Cross Country Team which ran great during its first home meet! The Varsity Boys Team placed 1st out of 5 teams and was led by freshmen Sam Harrington (1st overall) and Luke O’Halloran (2nd overall). Great job, Eagles!

The Varsity Girls Team placed 2nd in their meet and was led by junior Liza Corso (1st overall) and freshman Brianna Malone (2nd overall). Good job, Lady Eagles! A special shout-out to Liza whose time of 18:53 broke the old course record of 19:24!

The meet concluded with the Annual “PCA Invitational Watermelon Relay” where the five teams’ males competed against the five teams’ females to see which group could carry a watermelon on sticks the fastest. Hats off to the females this year!

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