Mrs. Katrina Veno

Lower and Upper School Music Teacher, Jazz Band Director, Private Lesson Instructor 
Since 2014 
M.A. Clarinet Performance, The Ohio State University
Received Graduate School Fellowship and Teaching Assistantship. 
B.A. Music Education, University of New Hampshire 
Presser Scholar and Music Department Fellowship.
NH State Certification 

What do you love about working at PCA?
I love that we provide a safe place for students (and faculty) to learn and grow spiritually, emotionally and academically. There is a lot of support for each other and a general positivity that helps make for a wonderful environment.

What makes you passionate about Christian education?
I enjoy being able to meet students where they are at and express true connection with them by demonstrating God’s love for them tangibly. I love that we focus on character and spiritual formation and care about the whole child and person. We are able to help address areas of growth and point them towards God’s leading and path when they are struggling.

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