Faculty Feature: Mrs. Veno

An 8-year member of PCA’s Faculty, Katrina Veno has been an instrumental (no pun intended) part of PCA’s thriving Fine Arts program. With her bachelor’s in Music Education from the University of New Hampshire and a master’s degree in Clarinet Performance from The Ohio State University, Mrs. Veno’s lifelong musical background has served her, and our students, well here at PCA.

Mrs. Veno’s talents have also been recognized outside the PCA community, with Katrina recently receiving the Outstanding Young Band Director Award from the New Hampshire Band Directors Association.

What brought you to PCA?
I was looking for a job in my field of music, and after searching for a couple of months, happened upon the job posting at PCA. It had been listed for a long time and somehow I had missed it! I immediately contacted the school and was just in time to apply; they were closing the posting that day. My husband is an alumnus of PCA, and since we started dating in high school, I have many memories and experiences on the PCA campus. It was a great environment for him, and I always had wanted to attend myself, so coming here to work was a real surprise and blessing!

What classes and grade levels do you teach?
I teach band in grades 4-8, Junior High and Upper School jazz bands, Junior High chapel team, Upper School Symphony, and I am the music director and producer of our theatre shows and musicals.

What do you love most about PCA?
The community is wonderful at PCA. The administration, the fine arts director, and the team that I work with are so supportive. They take interest in my growth as a teacher and person, and help make this a fabulous environment for faculty and for students.

Why do you like teaching at PCA?
I love the opportunity to build real relationships with students. They are a conscientious and respectful group of people which makes it more rewarding as a teacher. I enjoy bringing the spiritual aspect into the classroom which is such a vital part of a person’s life.

What is one word that best describes the school? Tell us why you chose that word?
Christ-serving Community. The community is so strong, but it is really founded on the basis of God’s love for us and this is shown through our love and actions towards one another.

How are faith and learning integrated at PCA?
All classes can stem back to the basics of humanity, why we are here and how we respond to that calling. We are able to bring that into our curriculum in overt ways through Bible classes and chapel, but it is woven into our worldview in history, culture, art, and music. Students are building their spiritual and moral character as they learn important life skills and information.

How do you impact the spiritual formation of students?
I love having students over multiple years. For some students, this is my fourth year in a row having them, and I am able to get to know them on a personal level. I can challenge them to grow, call them out when they have made bad choices, and foster an environment that encourages spiritual growth. As a leader of the chapel team, I am encouraging these students to become leaders in their own classes. I love to see students continue to grow in their faith, skills, and understanding year after year.

What is a unique experience, talent, or interest that you bring to your classroom that helps shape the learning experience at PCA?
I have an extensive musical background and I love bringing that experience to help train young musicians to use their skills to honor God.

What sets PCA students apart from other students?
We have a strong academic program, but so do many other schools. What separates us is our positive and spiritually-focused climate. All teachers and staff genuinely care about each other and the students and go above the basics to help students reach their potential. Each child is seen not as a burden or problem, but as a child of God who we have been charged to nurture.

Originally Posted: June 1, 2018