Alumni Stories: Alicia Vining ’15

Alicia is a class of 2015 graduate. Alicia obtained a bachelor’s degree from American University in Washington, D.C., and currently works for the New York Islanders as a Marketing Coordinator.

My parents decided to enroll me at PCA in kindergarten. Every year, they gave me the option to attend PCA, and I always accepted that offer and appreciated their support. In total, I attended PCA for 13 years, graduating in May of 2015.

PCA is a special place. I can truly say without my parents and PCA, I would not be where I am today. PCA helped me grow personally, spiritually, and academically by encouraging me to be my very best and to figure out who I am. The school gave me a wonderful foundation of faith so, as I went off to college, I was ready to face a whole new world, while also staying true to God, my values, and beliefs.

Looking back, juggling three sports, countless activities, and the college prep workload prepared me for my future more than I could have ever imagined. I was able to balance my college academics and extracurricular activities thanks to the support of my teachers, and coaches. The leadership roles I held at PCA in high school allowed me to get my first internship freshman year in college, which then led to 6 more internships in college, and now my full-time role with the Washington Wizards in Washington D.C.

PCA is a community. I have bumped into PCA alumni on the streets of Washington D.C. I have gone back to visit teachers and to coach our JH softball team. It is a school that, once you are a part of, you always will be; PCA is family. If you are considering sending your child to PCA, I would say do not hesitate. Your child will grow and be pushed to be a man or woman of God who strives for excellence, and they will have a large support system behind them.

“As I look back, I will always cherish my time at PCA.”

As I look back, I will always cherish my time at PCA, from Mr. Beal’s Wednesday Bible study to my time on the softball field and my visits to Mrs. Brown, my Kindergarten teacher, when I was in high school. Those moments, and this school, have encouraged me to strive for excellence, giving me endless opportunities.

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Originally posted: April 2, 2019