What’s the Weather at PCA?

This past week we installed PCA’s own weather station (shown mounted on the roof of the lower school building).

While it is nice to have a professional grade weather station on site, the station serves as a key component in the multi-sensor environmental data collection which is ongoing at the school. As part of our funded research through the Maclellan Foundation we have purchased additional equipment and infrastructure to facilitate real time monitoring of weather and estuary information.

Through our partnership with the UNH Jackson Estuarine Laboratory we have a high quality data collection instrument package deployed just off the PCA Dock. In addition, there are a number of student projects gathering environmental information from the Bellamy River using our own instrumentation and processes. Our goal is to compare our data with that of Jackson Lab and “become experts” in the field. Lastly, the weather station will help us to correlate river and estuary data with local weather conditions. Quantities being monitored by our weather station are: Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed and Direction, Barometric Pressure and Rainfall.

But for those of you who just want to know the “weather at PCA,” you can now find real time streaming weather information from the school – updated every minute.