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As a Christian school, we know that God has tasked each parent with the heavy responsibility of raising their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, from diapers to diplomas. At every stage along the way, parents are asking hard questions about their child, their parenting techniques, the best way to help their child learn, and so much more.

For this reason, we’ve developed consumable content that’ll help you answer some of these questions along your parenting journey. YOU are the ultimate influencer and decision-maker for your child, but no parent can do it on their own. We hope the articles in this blog are great resources for you and your family as you seek to maximize your child’s God-given potential.

Ages 3 to 5


Prepare your little learner for their first classroom experience!

Grades K-5

Lower School

Tips to help your elementary student learn to love learning.

Grades 6-8

Middle School

Help your middle-schooler navigate the tremendous growth of the pre-teen years.

Grades 9-12

Upper School

Give your highschooler the help they need to make an impact on the world for good.

Most Recent Articles

A young boy reading a book in a Christian school classroom.
Two women gardening, one digging with a trowel near flowers, in front of a residential building.
Preschool teacher works with her student on an art project

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