Annual Gala

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What is the Gala?

PCA’s Annual Gala is the first live event of the year, held on September 30th, 2023 at 4pm in the PCA Gymnasium, that brings together the entire community to celebrate the legacy of PCA and God’s provision to and through our school. The evening includes dinner, dancing, music, fun, fellowship, and giving. Guests are invited to join a generous and growing community of stakeholders to advance the school’s mission, help bring about PCA’s vision, and have the impact that only they can on the lives of children in the near-term and for generations to come.

Will You Accept the Mission?

Imagine a completely naturalized playground where students could run, play, and grow. Imagine a playground that enhances physical and sensory development while providing children from age 5 to 11 the chance to unlock their imaginations at recess.

Now imagine 20+ acres of additional space for our school to grow. Imagine middle and upper school athletes practicing and competing side-by-side on adjacent athletic fields. Imagine walking trails for PCA students and their families to use on weekends and vacations. Imagine a school that is more fully buffeted from the outside world — one whose campus of rolling hills and green grass is safe, welcoming, and cared for.

Finally, imagine generations of families receiving an excellent Christian education thanks to financial aid provided by the Variable Tuition Fund. Imagine moms and dads dropping their children off for school knowing that they can continue to provide a Christ-centered environment for them to learn and grow in mind, body, and spirit.

Forty years ago, all of this would’ve been impossible. However, by God’s grace and goodness, we find ourselves on the threshold of the impossible, and we need your help to make it reality.