Staying in the Know: Mid-Quarter for Parents at PCA

Effective communication between teachers, students, and parents is paramount to a student’s success. As we enter the month of October, we officially find ourselves halfway through the First Quarter at PCA. We use this time to keep parents informed of how their child is doing in their classes at PCA, and our teachers use this time to help students and their families identify the best ways to provide support where it’s needed in a child’s learning. This goes beyond merely providing grade updates; it aims to ensure students thrive academically and maintain a strong partnership between teachers and parents.

Mother and father sitting down with their child looking at his art work

Proactive Parent Partnership

The primary purpose of Mid-Quarter Alerts is to bridge the communication gap between schools and parents. While Veracross keeps parents informed about their child’s grades, it’s crucial for teachers to provide additional notifications to help parents get a fuller picture of their child’s learning. This information serves a dual purpose: to communicate areas that need support and to offer next steps on how to best meet the needs of the student.

This proactive approach allows teachers to address any learning issues promptly and ensures that parents are well-informed about their child’s academic progress. It also lays the groundwork for a collaborative effort between educators, parents, and students to find solutions.

Goals: Empowering Students and Engaging Parents

There are several key goals we want to achieve at the middle of a quarter:

  1. Implement Accommodations: Teachers can use this system to introduce accommodations that support a student’s learning process, helping them master their studies effectively.
  2. Parental Involvement: By keeping parents informed, the system encourages parents to become more engaged in their child’s education, enabling them to provide additional support and assistance with the day’s learning. Encouragement is key in our communication with families. Every child is here to maximize their God-given potential, not just get certain letter grades.
  3. Interventions: For students who require more extensive assistance, the system allows for suggestions or referrals to be made, potentially involving our Mosaic Team, ensuring that no student is left behind.
Outcomes: A Path to Success

At Mid-Quarter, we look for several outcomes:

  1. Improved Student Learning: By addressing concerns mid-quarter, students have the opportunity to make necessary adjustments, leading to improved performance during the second half of the quarter.
  2. Informed Parents: Parents are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to offer effective support, fostering a more productive learning environment at home.
  3. Teacher Support: Resource teachers are alerted to students who may be struggling, enabling them to provide targeted assistance promptly.
Steps: Implementing the System

To ensure an effective partnership between teachers and parents, teachers follow these essential steps:

  1. Maintain Timely Grading: Teachers stay current with grading and regularly post grades on Veracross.
  2. Notify Parents: As soon as a concerning pattern emerges, teachers inform parents via a phone call, indicating areas of concern.
  3. Implement Strategies: Teachers implement and document strategies to address identified concerns.
  4. Open Communication: Teachers are sure to keep parents “in the loop” about their child’s learning so that they can support their children.

In conclusion, Mid-Quarter at PCA is about promoting student success. It facilitates timely communication, proactive intervention, and collaboration between teachers, parents, and students, ultimately working towards the shared goal of ensuring every student reaches their full potential.