Standup Paddleboarding & Kayaking at PCA’s Kaleidoscope Summer

Summer Eagle Camps at PCA this year are packed with new and exciting activities, and are sure to create wonderful memories for all campers! With kayaking, and stand up paddle-boarding off our new dock, swim lessons at The Works, wall climbing, and a weekly beach trip, this summer will be loads of fun!

Golden Eagles (grades 4-8) will have the opportunity to get in the water every day! With kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and various water games off our new dock in the beautiful Bellamy river. Campers will also head to the beach every Wednesday, and take swim lessons at The Works every Tuesday and Thursday! Also on the menu: Triathlon Olympics, Water Balloon Games, and Slip & Slide Kickball, among many other activities!

Little Eagles (grades 1-3) will also “get wet” on a daily basis! With Beach trips on Mondays, swim lessons at The Works on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as water games off our new dock, Slip & Slide Kickball, and water balloon games! Come let your child experience the joy of summer water fun, as well as learning about survival skills, going green, creation in the woods, chicken baseball, and parachute games, among many other outdoor activities!

Eaglets (Pre-K) will discover the world around them, with a new theme each week! Our “Mad Scientist” week (June 25-29) features Balloon Rocket Races, Scavenger Hunts, Homemade Lava Lamp and Rainbow Crystals crafts, as well as Sandbox Volcano, and Launching Snowmen activities, among many others! Weekly themes include Lego Architects, Island Fun, Flying Bugs, and many more!