Service in Action: Thanking our Volunteers

Written by Summer Heath, Volunteer Alumni and Event Coordinator

As we look upon this year so far, let’s go over how we have already reached a total of 1,400 volunteer hours and 125 dedicated volunteers. PCA Volunteers have jumped in and hit the ground running as soon as the doors opened for the first day of school. You have executed Picture Days, served hot lunch diligently and decorated an entire gymnasium for the GALA! We have a Volunteer lead MS Bible Study that meets weekly for our ladies, and a PCA Yearbook team and classes that has had a strong start with more student photographers than ever! PCA Classrooms such as the Homerooms, and Library, and Art are equipped with Parent Volunteers weekly as well and have been an excellent partner to those teachers and the students!

We continued the great service and celebrated Homecoming. You became Eli the Eagle and spent hours high fiving and dancing! Then speech meets alone brought in 30 of you. Thank you for showing up in the classroom in this way. Along with classroom help, you showed up to gather around the big conference table to fold and stuff the Annual Giving Report that we send out to our families and maxed out our off-campus field trips. 

October’s main event was Grandparent’s Day! You assisted parking, arrived at 7 am to help set up breakfast and even earlier than that to set out the chairs. You prepared and served delicious food and made sure it was all cleaned up before leaving for the day. AND at the same time… set up and worked an ENTIRE Bookfair for families to shop and enjoy. 

Thank you to you all who bring your beautiful servant hearts into this building and make all these things the success that they are. November volunteering has already brought us success in the Book fair, Grounds/Garden Day and Veterans Day Chapel. Stay tuned for PCAP Thanksgivings, and the very exciting Christmas Decorating. All before Thanksgiving! We are all looking forward to serving another month alongside you. Each minute to hour you spend with us here on campus is never taken for granted. PCA loves you!