Senior Kathryn Komerska’s “Pleasant Afternoon” wins Grand Prize in 7th Annual Art Contest

Congratulations to PCA Senior Kathryn Komerska, the grand prize winner of PCA’s 7th Annual Auction Art Contest! Her piece “Pleasant Afternoon” is a whimsical depiction, in warm and acrylic tones, of a summer BBQ, portraying the generosity, love, and enjoyment of a family feast.

An Artists’ Reception will be held on March 15, 2019 at 3:30pm in the PCA gym lobby, to honor all of the winners of the juried art contest associated with PCA’s 24th Annual Auction. With 85 submissions, the Art Contest is a significant component of PCA’s 24th Annual Auction. The theme of this year’s Auction – The Bountiful Table: Sowing, Harvesting, Feasting – represents a literal celebration of farm to table as well as the abundance of spirit within the PCA community. Through the artwork and pottery in our gallery, we symbolically feast upon the goodness of the harvest and the fruit of the Earth.

Auction Art Contest Winners 

PCAP through Grade 2
3rd  Channing Trueman, 1B, for “Noodle Impressions in Clay”
2nd  Emma Duston, 1A, for “Barn”
1st. Hudson Trueman, PCAP-4, for “Beans in Clay”

Grades 3 to 5
3rd Hayden Brown-Kirwan, 5B, for “The Fruit and Vegetable Stuff”
2nd  Kaia Lawrence, 4B, for “The Farm Surprise”
1st  Mathew Markert, 5A, for “The Weather Rice Bowl”

Junior High
Honorable Mention: Lula Wamberg, 8A, for “Home is Where the Heart Is”
3rd  Caeley Brown, 8B, for “Fatih, Family, Farm”
2nd Lila Pellatt, 7A, for “Bringing the Hay In”
1st  Isaac Kohl, 7A, for “Mill Power”

Upper School
3rd  Lilian Kohl, Junior, for “Lick”
2nd Maddie Baggs, Junior, for “Windmill”
1st Fiston Kapongo, Senior, for “Community Food Project”

1st Christine John, “Quenched”
2nd Christine John, “Lobstermen Blues”
3rd Mary E Kemender, “ Burrough Market”

1st Lynne Randolph, “Summer Feast”
2nd Joan Lawson, Quilted Table Runner
3rd-Lynn Randolph, “Fresh Fruit”

View the art and other items up for bid at the Annual Auction website.