Security Day at PCA

March 15, 2019PCA News Stories

On Friday, March 15, three PCA students spent the day with Mr.Watson, Security Coordinator at PCA. Cal Burnham (Freshman), PJ Lignos (fifth grade) and Boden Dinges (fourth grade) were fitted in security gear and then headed out for a day on campus.

Mr. Watson showed the students how he monitors speed on the driveway with a radar gun and instructed them on daily security protocols. A key point that Mr. Watson stressed was not to allow familiar people or guests to breach security protocols. In an effort to be polite, a student may inadvertently allow a familiar person to access an area that is restricted or circumvent the signing in process at the front desk.

In addition to patrolling the campus with Mr. Watson throughout the day, Cal, PJ, and Boden helped prepare for the PCA Auction by setting up cones to help direct campus traffic and placing new signage for parking. The security group also filled in holes under the swings on the elementary playground.

During their rounds, the group addressed a number of safety issues, verifying that all exits were free and not blocked and that all exterior doors were locked.

When asked if it was a fun day, the unanimous answer was, “It’s Mr. Watson, of course it’s fun!”

This day was a live auction item at last year’s Annual Auction. Each winner won the opportunity to have his/her student enjoy the experience of being a security person for the day. Saturday, March 16th, at PCA’s 24th Annual Auction, this experience day will once again go to the highest bidder.