Student Feature: Samuel, Senior Class

What do you love about Portsmouth Christian Academy?
The environment of school is so accepting, and joy is around every corner.

In what ways have you grown (spiritually, academically and/or developmentally) as a result of your experience at PCA?
I think PCA has taught me a lot about my own identity as a person and has given me a place to really flourish intellectually.

Portsmouth Christian Academy’s mission is “to honor God joyfully by inspiring students to maximize their God-given potential.” How do you experience this mission at PCA?
I certainly see joy in the school – it’s a part of our culture. It’s everywhere. Students are always being encouraged to do their best and to be stewards to the best of their ability.

How do you feel that PCA is preparing you for graduation, college and life?
PCA has built a good work ethic in me and has motivated me to excel, which I sure hope will help in real life.

What makes PCA different from other schools in our area?
The general feeling of joy and motivation. People with bad attitudes won’t get far in a place like this.

What opportunities do you experience at PCA that you don’t think you would have gotten to experience anywhere else?
I feel comfortable with myself and appreciated for who I am here. I don’t see bullying or hate anywhere around me, which is a really beautiful thing.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your PCA experience?
This school has put a smile on my face for the last eight years.

Originally Posted: February 5, 2018