The Re-Enrollment Process

at Portsmouth Christian Academy

Preferred Re-Enrollment is Officially Open!

It’s official! Preferred Re-enrollment is now open for the 2024-2025 school year! This is an exciting time of year as we all look forward to the upcoming school year. New applicants for this upcoming school year are on the same pace with last year and we want to ensure that our current students have seats at PCA next year. The best way to ensure that is for you to re-enroll your child during the Preferred Re-enrollment period January 10th through January 26th.

After January 26, enrollment will open to new families and e-enrollment will be open to our current families on a first-come, first-served basis, accompanied by an increase in the enrollment commitment from $750 to $850 per child. To ensure your child’s spot is secure and to avoid an increase in fees, we strongly encourage all current families to re-enroll within the preferred re-enrollment window.

Below are step-by-step instructions for those families who may need it. If “this isn’t your first rodeo” and don’t need step-by-step instructions, go ahead, click the “Re-Enroll Now” button below and get started.

REMINDER: Please complete each section for your child’s online enrollment in the order they are presented to you in Veracross. Attempting to complete the steps out of order will result in you being unable to successfully complete your child’s re-enrollment.

Students whose re-enrollment is currently on hold, including current PCAP 4-year-olds, will be contacted as your child’s re-enrollment status is updated.

We look forward to partnering with you once again in your child’s education!
Re-Enroll Now!
Step by Step Re-Enrollment

Current PCAP Families

Students who are currently enrolled in preschool have multiple re-enrollment options available to them. When you open your re-enrollment you will begin your process by selecting your desired preschool program. Preschool students intending to enroll in kindergarten will re-enroll in February.

POLLIWOGS and FROGS (PCAP 4-year-old children)
Re-enrollment will open for preschool Polliwog or Frog in February, after Kindergarten Assessments and Parent-Teacher Conferences. The Preferred Re-enrollment rate will be extended to you so that you also have the opportunity to take advantage of the reduced re-enrollment commitment. You will be notified when your child’s re-enrollment portal opens.

Variable Tuition and State Scholarships

All families who previously qualified — or think their financial standing might qualify them — for Variable Tuition, NH or ME Children’s Scholarship Funds and/or the Education Freedom Account must submit their applications to be considered. For more information on these programs, please visit our Tuition page. Variable Tuition applications are due by February 9, 2024.

Continue to Soar at PCA!

6 Steps to Re-enrolling Your Child:


Log in to Your Parent Portal.

Log in to your Parent Portal on Veracross and click the “Online Re-enrollment” button at the top of the page.

From here, you will begin updating four unique sections – Family Profile, Agreements and Policies, Payment Plan and Enrollment Commitment.

Families with children currently enrolled in our PCAP program will have an additional Enrollment Intentions section, containing multiple re-enrollment options available. When you open your re-enrollment, you will begin your process by selecting your desired preschool program. Preschool students intending to enroll in kindergarten will re-enroll in February.

REMINDER: Complete each section for your child’s online enrollment in the order they are presented to you in Veracross. Attempting to complete the steps out of order will result in you being unable to successfully complete your child’s re-enrollment.


Update Your Family Profile Section.

The information you provide here is used to contact you for weather-related cancellation/delay, emergency, and school communications. It’s also how we contact you when your child is ill or injured, and how we know who has permission to pick up your child.

Please review this section carefully and update as needed. Once complete, click the box on the bottom of the screen “I confirm that this information is complete and accurate.” Then click “Return to Online Re-enrollment.”


Update the Agreements and Policies Section.

Click on and read each policy within this section. After reading it, select the appropriate button to respond.

Once complete, scroll to the top of the page and click “Save Policies.” A green, blinking message will appear: “Saved Successfully.” Then click “Return to Online Re-enrollment.”


Review Your Child’s Contract and Select Payment Plan.

Click “Open Contract” to review your child’s contract. The contract will display your child’s tuition, and the total will be reflective of any additional fees (senior fee, insurance, etc.) minus the anticipated tuition deposit, which is part of the enrollment commitment. If you are seeing “Preview Contract”, you must go back and complete the previous section(s). You will be unable to make selections in this step until sections one and two are completed.

Select your Payment Plan.

Once you have read the contract, click “Continue to Confirmation” at bottom of screen.

You may receive a red-highlighted message at the top of the screen: “This contract is not yet complete. Please read the document, scroll to the bottom, and sign.” Click purple “Sign” button under the Electronic Signature section. Then click “Submit Signature.”


Pay Your Child’s Enrollment Commitment.

This is the final step in reserving your child’s seat!

Click “Pay Enrollment Commitment.” On the next screen, click “Pay Via Online Payment,” and submit your payment through the secure payment page. If you are unable to make your child’s re-enrollment payment online, you may submit a check to the Business Office. In that case, please e-mail Allison Russell in the Business Office ( and Laura Lupinacci in the Admissions Office ( to confirm this arrangement.


Sit Back and Relax!

Once the above four sections are complete, your child will be officially re-enrolled for the 2024-2025 school year!

You will receive an email from the Admissions Team 1-2 business days after you complete the process confirming your child(ren)’s re-enrollment.

Admissions FAQ

When do I re-enroll my child?

Preferred Re-enrollment runs from January 10-January 26, 2024. Preferred Re-enrollment not only secures your child’s seat but reduces your enrollment commitment by from $850 to $750 per child. Re-enrollment will be available to families after January 26 but will be on a first-come, first-served basis, and will also increase your enrollment commitment to $850 per child.

Online Re-enrollment is showing my child’s re-enrollment “on hold.” What do I do?

For preschool students getting ready for Kindergarten, your child’s re-enrollment is on hold until after the Parent-Teacher conferences and Kindergarten evaluations in February. Through discussions with the preschool director, you’ll be a part of re-enrollment decisions for your child. If moving on to Kindergarten, you’ll meet with our Academic Dean to discuss Kindergarten and the Lower School for your child. Once a decision is made—whether it’s re-enrolling into Kindergarten or re-enrolling into Preschool—the portal will open for your child.

For students in grade K-11, if re-enrollment is currently on hold, you will be contacted by your principal to discuss plans for your child’s re-enrollment.

Do I need to wait until I receive my Variable Tuition notification to re-enroll my child?

No, you do not need to wait until you receive your Variable Tuition notification to re-enroll your child. It is recommended that you complete your child’s re-enrollment by Preferred Re-enrollment deadline so you can take advantage of the lower rate. After the deadline, the rate goes up by $100 per child for domestic students.

For families who submit their Variable Tuition applications by the deadline, they will hear back at the end of March. Those families will then have an additional week to decide if they can continue with their child’s re-enrollment at that rate. If they cannot, they have one week to withdraw their children without forfeiting the $780 tuition deposit.

My other child was recently accepted as a student, but I don’t see them in Online Re-enrollment.

Re-enrollment is separate from enrollment. Re-enrollment is for your child who is already enrolled here while enrollment is for your children who have just been accepted to PCA or for whom you are or will be applying. So, for now, you’ll only see your child who is currently enrolled on the Online Re-enrollment portal. You will be sent a link to Online Enrollment for any of your other children who have been accepted to PCA.

Do I need to submit a new student application for re-enrollment?

No, you do not need to resubmit applications or application fees for your children who are currently enrolled. You just need to log in to the Parent Portal using your Veracross login and click on the maroon button that says Online Re-enrollment. From there, follow the steps of re-enrollment in the order they’re presented to you. Additional tips below.

I’m having trouble with Online Re-enrollment. Who do I contact?

Reach out to PCA’s Admissions Office at with any questions that arise as you complete the re-enrollment process.

Words from a PCA Parent:

From the moment we stepped through the front doors, we were welcomed with open arms and hearts. Our children are thriving, educationally and spiritually, as well as feeling safe knowing they can be exactly who God created them to be. We are blessed to be a part of this community.