Preparation for Life. What Does it Really Mean?

Written By: Kendra Leavitt, Class of 2018

Kendra Leavitt attended PCA from Kindergarten, beginning in 2005, and graduated with the class of 2018. She went on to attend the University of Valley Forge where she completed her B.A. in English Language & Literature in 2021. She is now currently working at PCA as a Marketing Intern and will be attending graduate school in the Fall of 2022.

My 13 years at PCA were nothing short of impactful. Prior to graduation senior year, each student in my class received a grey t-shirt printed with the words “Prepared for Life, Class of 2018.” When my classmates and I first read the phrase, we laughed. We did not yet understand the truth behind those words. Almost four years later, I can honestly attest to that simple statement. PCA prepared me with excellence for college and life beyond.

Academic Rigor

The high level of education offered at PCA mirrors collegiate level learning. The courses challenge students beyond simple curriculums. They produce dedication, hard work, excellent time management skills and constantly exercise critical thinking methods. When entering my freshman year of college, I was shocked by the skills I had unknowingly acquired in high school years. I managed the rigor of college assignments with ease in comparison to many of my peers and due to my credits earned at PCA, I was able to complete my Bachelor’s degree a semester early.

Christ-centered Classrooms

I not only built a foundation in Christ through learning at PCA, but I was led by example. The teachers conduct their classrooms with Christlike character and genuinely care to see students succeed. The spiritual outpour that I received during my time at PCA has stayed with me in the years since graduating. The school’s emphasis on “God-given potential” has particularly encouraged me as I continue my education and strive towards career goals.

Life-long Friendship

Joining PCA is entrance into a family. Four years post-graduation, I am still connected to several high school friends and can say with confidence that those are long-lasting relationships. Our time at PCA will forever bond us and has moved us forward into future endeavors. The love and servanthood of faculty, staff, and students is an environment which encourages a lifetime of kindhearted character and cherished relationships.