Portsmouth Christian Academy Introduces New Middle School Assistant Principal

Portsmouth Christian Academy (PCA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Graham Siemon as the new Assistant Principal of PCA’s Middle School.

A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Graham moved to the New England area in 2012 for a pastoral opening at a local church where he met his wife, Katie. The Siemons are now a PCA family, with their daughter, Londyn, in Mrs. Brown’s kindergarten class, and their son, Nash, in PCAP. Graham brings years of experience in youth ministry, most recently as Executive Pastor at a local church.

Under Middle School Principal, Lois Blatchley, this new role has been created to further strengthen the relationships between our staff and students, providing the much-needed guidance and mentorship that helps young adolescents grow into their God-given potential at a time of rapid physical, emotional, spiritual and cognitive development. Along with program planning, scheduling, supervision and evaluation, Graham will be responsible for aiding the Middle School students and faculty in promoting positive school culture through student-discipleship, implementing the Redemptive Discipline Model, and partnering with parents in their child’s education.

Among others, Principal Blatchley and Assistant Principal Siemon will help encourage biblical relationships, support risk-taking in each student’s learning journey, and help develop strong student-leaders.

“It is my pleasure to introduce Graham Siemon, who will be joining our Middle School as the Assistant Principal, starting Monday, April 3, 2023.”, said Middle School Principal, Lois Blatchley.

“Graham is passionate about serving God by using his gifts and experience in building and leading teams, teaching the Word, and leading worship. Graham has a background and education in youth ministry & preaching, and he is naturally gifted at connecting with adults and youth alike. He is excited about this role and committed to working alongside us in maintaining a positive school culture that will support the growth and development of our students. I am confident that he will be an excellent addition to our Middle School team and make a difference in the lives of our students.” 

“My role as the Middle School Vice Principal will provide ample opportunities to work together with staff, students, and families, as we strive to be the best version of who God has made us to be.”, said Siemon.

“One of the most profound reasons I feel called to this position at PCA is because it allows me to work with students at a crucial age of development where they are navigating their identity in Christ as it fits into the world around them.”

Graham comes to PCA with a bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministry and Preaching from Johnson University, with a Certificate of Ordination earned in 2012.