Portsmouth Christian Academy Honors Military Veterans at Annual Veterans’ Chapel

Portsmouth Christian Academy (PCA) celebrated an early Veterans’ Day this morning with a very special Chapel service to recognize and express gratitude for those who have served our country in the Armed Forces.

The program was led by Colonel Dennis Runey (Retired) and Colonel Mike Runey (Retired), father and son who share a unique leadership heritage. Dennis Runey, after serving in the United States Army for thirty years, became Head of School of PCA from 1992-2005 and from 2012-2014 and was instrumental in the development of the school. His son, Mike Runey, after serving in the United States Army for twenty-eight years, officially took the reins as PCA’s Head of School in June 2019.

Guest keynote speaker Captain David Hunt (former Commander of Portsmouth Naval Shipyard) shared with the full assembly of K-12 students about the important role that our veterans play in creating a compassionate community. He thanked the veterans and their families for being among those who endure hardships to ensure freedom for others.  He asked the students to find someone in their community who is a veteran, ask about his or her service, learn from that person, and, most importantly, to offer a handshake in thanks.

PCA’s symphony and “Voices” performed an Armed Forces Salute in honor of the many veterans from the military branches who were in attendance; veterans stood and were applauded while their particular Branch’s song was played.  During a reception which followed, members of the high school’s Student Council met with the veterans, who shared their stories and provided insights to the students.

Second picture (optional) Cpt David Hunt