PCA’s Return to Campus Plan: What to Expect in Fall 2020 

With lingering uncertainty about how the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to impact our lives as we approach the fall, you may be wondering what you can expect from your child’s school in terms of on-site instruction at the start of the school year. While schools throughout the country are taking varying approaches, PCA has been preparing since March to bring students back to campus safely. This will be made possible in the fall through a unique and customized hybrid learning approach that is designed to serve the needs of our community.  

What is Hybrid Learning at PCA?  

Hybrid learning at PCA will be different from what you may have experienced with the emergency shift to distance learning this spring. A helpful way of understanding the hybrid approach is by seeing it as instruction being delivered from PCA, to PCA, and beyond PCA. By this, we mean that teacher will be teaching from our campus, to students on our campus, with the capability to extend beyond the campus as needed. The implementation of new technology will enable offsite students to participate in the full traditional school day including lectures, class discussions, Socratic seminars, group projects, and more, just as they would if onsite. This means that the same excellent education that you have come to expect at PCA in the physical on-site classroom will be delivered remotely to students for whom in-person learning is not possible.  

Why Choose the PCA Hybrid Model?  

Hybrid learning at PCA is uniquely designed to integrate the best of face-to-face and online activities so that they reinforce, complement, and elaborate on one another, offering opportunities of choice, extension, and skill reinforcement. Additionally, the hybrid model allows for agility, permitting high quality, familiar, and effective learning to continue without interruption throughout the school year. 

While rapidly changing health and safety guidelines and unique health situations within families may force families to deem onsite learning unsafe for their child, the hybrid model allows PCA to meet families where they are comfortable, delivering excellent education regardless of location.  

Learn More About PCA’s Hybrid Approach  

We’re sure you have many questions about what hybrid learning will look like in action, so we’ll be Live on Facebook on Wednesday, August 12th at 12 PM to answer your questions and to share more about the hybrid learning approach at PCA. Be sure to tune in on our Facebook page to ask questions and learn more!