PCA Upper School 2019 Science Fair Winners

Each year, the Upper School students work in small groups to select a science-related question, provide a research proposal, research the topic using the scientific method, and then present their conclusion to a panel of judges. The projects are divided into three sections based on grade-level: freshman, sophomore, and junior/senior. Congratulations to all of the grade-level winners! A special congratulations to sophomores Bethany Koshy and Lily Kjendal for being named Grand Prize Winners for their project entitled “The Effect of Mesh Bags on the Survival and Growth of Caged Oysters.”  Great job, Eagles!

Biology Student Projects (Freshman) 

1st Place: Kiara Cooper, Alexis Tuten, Olivia Vaccaro, Emily Tan

“Face Wash Brands and E.coli Control”

2nd Place: Skylar Cummings, Faith Moll, Maddy Kniphfer, Pascale Parent

“Time Perception”

Chemistry Student Projects (Sophomores) 

1st Place: Sam Stevens, Ethan Lui, Kris He


2nd Place: Jewel Young, Harrison MacDougall, Lauren Ponchak

“The Effect of Color on the Perception of Flavor”

 Junior/Senior Projects

1st Place: Joanna Li, Angel Lin, Alex Cummins, Celia Panas

“Testing E. coli Resistance and Adaptability”

2nd Place: None