Shine Day Volunteers Put Serving and Community in Action

By Elaina Russo, Director of Development

Shine Day Volunteers Put Serving and Community in Action

Almost 40 individuals came out to volunteer their time for PCA’s Shine Day, an annual summer event to make our campus shine as we get ready to welcome hundreds of children and their families to the new school year.

Between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm, volunteers served in 2-hour blocks (and some committed to the entire day!) in the Preschool, Lower School, Middle School, waterfront, and grounds to make our campus welcoming, safe, and responsibly tended. New and returning Upper School students and parents, teachers and staff, and friends of friends came together to tackle a medley of projects. Together they:

  • Weeded and mulched the Lower School loop sidewalks, flower beds, and playground
  • Spread mulch on the Preschool playground
  • Organized the Theatre prop shed
  • Set up technology cockpits in classrooms
  • Assembled tables and other new enhancements to the Middle School playground
  • Painted the outdoor benches near the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR)
  • Repainted Preschool classrooms
  • Removed the oyster traps from the Bellamy River
  • Moved furniture and reorganized the MPR
  • Repaired washed-out dock areas

“The adage that many hands make light work was on full display today,” remarked Elaina Russo, Director of Development (which includes volunteers, giving, and alumni). “Each of these volunteers gave up their time to make our campus shine as brightly from an aesthetic vantage as it does academically and spiritually during the schoolyear in the lives of the children who get to attend.”

Harlee Tuttle, Preschool Director, reflected: “It was amazing to see all the volunteers working to make our school “shine!” I felt taken care of and grateful for our volunteers’ time. I was SO blessed by everyone I interacted with today. I got to have great conversations with new parents (many of whom don’t even have children in our Preschool), colleagues, and new students. We shared some memorable moments, and our school looks amazing because of them.”

Be sure to check out below the snapshots of our Shine Day volunteers hard at work.

Thank you to each of you who demonstrated what service and community look like as you put your hand to the plow (or drill…or paintbrush…or rake…as the case may be) for the benefit of our amazing school! We’re going to do great things together in the year ahead!