PCA is a Community of Readers: Read-A-Thon Results are in!

March 22, 2018PCA News Stories

“Way to go, PCA Readers!” says Quirky Genius Scientist Aboooood

The Hypothesis: PCA readers can successfully meet a pre-set reading challenge!
The Experiment: Test whether PCA Upper and Lower students, staff and parents can read at least 350,000 minutes in one month
The Method: Track reading minutes during PCA Read-a-thon, from January 27 to February 5
Conclusion: Experiment successful! 405,207 minutes read and recorded during Read-a-thon 2018!

The experiment’s success meant it was time for Dr. Abood to fulfill her part of the challenge! That’s why she spent March 20 dressed as Quirky Genius Scientist Aboooood, which was appropriate considering this year’s Read-a-thon theme of exploring  famous inventors and scientists!

Readers are Leaders

Here are this year’s top readers:

Lower School
Top Readers

TOP READER – K-2 – Davis McCabe, 2A

TOP READER – 3-5 – Jack O’Halloran, 4B

TOP READER – 6-8 – Ivan Sturgis, 6A

And the TOP READER for ALL of K-8 – Jack O’Halloran, 4B!

Junior High Top Readers

Winner of a pizza party for the class with the most reading minutes – 6A, Ms. Trainor’s class – 19,755 minutes

Junior High CLASS winners:
6A – Ivan Sturgis
6B – Dominic Anella
7A –Carter Hoyt
7B – Lula Wamberg
8A – Abigail Eisner
8B – Amanda Medina

Junior High GRADE winners:
6th – Ivan Sturgis
7th – Lula Wamberg
8th – Amanda Medina

Upper School Top Readers

1st Place: Manogna Dumpala
2nd place: Sophie Carpentier
3rd place: Jon Kelsall

Other Top Readers

Top Staff Reader, Lower School – Dr. Lawrence
Top Staff Reader, Upper School – Mrs. Cummings
Top Parent Reader – Mrs. Henker

100% Class Participation

The following classes had 100% participation in Read-a-thon – well done! You earned yourselves a class popsicle party!
Congratulations to: KA, KB, 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 4A, 4B, 6A, 7B, 8A, 8B!

Students who filled in 300 symbols – winners of a special Read-a-thon Top Reader T-shirt:
Isabella Messinese
Davis McCabe
Kina Karnes
Elizabeth Page
Arya Bhat
Jack O’Halloran
Kennedy Rengkung
Brayden Brown
Emma Eisner
Avery Wamberg
Daniel Lemmer
Ivan Sturgis
Carter Hoyt
Lula Wamberg
Abby Eisner
Amanda Medina

Students who filled in 400 symbols – winners of a special Read-a-thon medal:
Elizabeth Page
Davis McCabe
Jack O’Halloran
Kennedy Rengkun
Emma Eisner
Avery Wamberg
Ivan Sturgis
Lula Wamberg

K-5 CLASS Winners
KA – Anna Crystal
KB – Samara Ogembo
1A – Tilan Karnes
1B – Isabella Messinese
2A – Davis McCabe
2B – Dacie McCabe
3A – Elizabeth Page
3B – Arya Bhat
4A – Payton Zilm
4B – Jack O’Halloran
5A – Joshua Mezey
5B – Avery Wamberg

K-5 GRADE Winners
K – Samara Ogembo
1 – Isabella Messinese
2 – Davis McCabe
3 – Elizabeth Page
4 – Jack O’Halloran
5 – Avery Wamberg

Congratulations to everyone and keep reading!