PCA Honors Headmaster Emeritus, Dennis Runey

On Friday, Portsmouth Christian Academy celebrated its 40th birthday by welcoming Headmaster Emeritus, Mr. Dennis Runey, to speak with Lower School students about the history of the school.

Mr.  Runey, who served as Headmaster from 1992 to 2005 and from 2012-2014, told the students about the school’s humble beginnings, sharing stories from the days when PCA’s Junior High was made up of only four students and when the school called an old building with broken windows and a leaky roof “home.” He also recognized staff members who were a part of the PCA community in the early years.

Mr. Runey shared about the thousands of children who have attended PCA and have moved on to some of the nation’s best colleges and careers. Some of those graduates are parents of today’s PCA students. He spoke about the impact that PCA graduates are having in ministry, the military, education, and as moms and dads in the home.

In addition, Mr. Runey spoke about the current PCA student body, which is a diverse group filled with students who thrive in academics, athletics, the arts, and in service.

“PCA graduates are making a big, big difference in the world.” Mr. Runey said, “You will too. I’m proud of each of you.”

In closing, Mr. Runey talked to the students about what it means to be proud to be a PCA Eagle, saying, “I will forever be an Eagle.”

Following Mr. Runey’s presentation, Eli the Eagle, PCA’s mascot, led the Lower School in singing “Happy Birthday” to Mr. Runey, who will celebrate his 80th birthday this weekend.

To close, current Headmaster, Mike Runey, presented his father with a ceremonial plaque which represents a tree that will be planted in Dennis Runey’s honor. The tree, which will be a cortland apple tree, will be the first of many to be planted in PCA’s Alumni Orchard.

Dennis Runey’s legacy at PCA is one that is an important part of the school’s history. Dennis, who led the school through years of uncertainty, blessing, and growth, continues to support the school today as a grandfather to several students and alumni.

PCA alumni and donors, more information about the Alumni Orchard will be coming soon! Please look out for details about how you can be involved in growing the symbolic orchard. In the meantime, check this webpage for details on how you can be involved in supporting PCA’s continuing vision to impact the world for good.