PCA Faculty Member Receives Three More Patents

Congratulations to PCA faculty member and IT Director, Mike Shevenell, for receiving three more patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office!

Mike currently holds a total of eight patents, with a ninth patent expected to be granted within the next few weeks. His three latest patents are in the evolving technology field of Software Defined Networking. Mike stated that “one aspect of this technology is to replace special purpose network appliances like firewalls, load balancers, [and] WAN Accelerators with software running on general purpose compute platforms (regular computers).” Mike graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a BS in Electrical Systems Engineering and received his MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of New Hampshire. He currently teaches Software Engineering at the Upper School and is a Varsity Track coach.

In the past nine years, Mike has received five other patents and has one additional patent pending.

Normalized software-defined networking interface (patent issued September 25, 2018) 

Fault detection of service chains in a SDN/NFV network environment (patent issued August 21, 2018) 

 Efficient management of network configuration-dependent network functionality (patent issued June 19, 2018) 

Identification of networking component application programming interfaces (patent issued May 1, 2018) 

Efficient Network Monitoring (patent issued February 16, 2016) 

System and method for intelligent service assurance in network management (patent issued November 6, 2012) 

Method and apparatus for security management via vicarious network devices (patent issued August 3, 2010) 

Method and apparatus for the simulation of computer networks(patent issued November 17, 2009)