PCA Exchange Program Provides Opportunity for International Learning

Portsmouth Christian Academy is excited to announce our South Korea Student Exchange Program!

The exchange program allows students at PCA to experience learning abroad during a 6 week educational experience in South Korea during the summer months, providing children the experience of living and learning in another country. As part of the partnership, several students from Korea will visit PCA this winter.

Erick, an 8th Grader at PCA, participated in this program last year. His mother, Ruth, says, “Although sending Erick away to a foreign country where he didn’t know much about the culture or speak the language was the hardest thing I have done thus far, it was also equally rewarding. For Erick, I want him to grow up as a global citizen and this exchange program afforded him the opportunity to experience how students in South Korea spend their time and what schooling is like for them. He found students in Korea to be welcoming and friendly in a way he wasn’t anticipating. He made friends quickly and enjoyed school despite there being a language barrier. He learned about Korean culture, visited some historic sites and loved the food. He grew to be independent and learned that there’s a lot of growth that takes place outside one’s comfort zone. I am so proud of Erick for being the pioneer on this amazing program.”

You’re invited to learn more about the Student Exchange Program at the Information Meeting on October 28 at 3:00 PM in the Lower School Library.  For more information contact Diane Sipp at 603-661-5272 ext. 155.