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PCA Upper School Botany and Zoology Wraps Up Owl Research

By April 23, 2021April 27th, 2021PCA News Stories

Learning is meant to be hands-on. With 50-acres and a waterfront campus, PCA is blessed with the opportunity to engage in this kind of hands-on learning, especially when it comes to our Upper School STEM classes. Jessica Graustein, PCA’s Upper School science teacher, gives us a closer look into the work her class has conducted for owl research:

Thanks to the Heath family, Mrs. Graustein’s Botany and Zoology was able to complete their class research project in the sleet today. Last fall, Mr. Abood gave the class a house he built for barn owls. The class then spent two months researching barn owls – what they like to eat, when they breed, and what types of locations make the best nesting sites.
The final list of site requirements was drawn up by the online students in the class, and then the on-campus students walked around the grounds looking for someplace that met those criteria. They unanimously chose a spot near the waterfront that “felt like owl.”
The class really enjoyed watching Mr. Heath mount the house high up in a pine tree, within sight of a grassy meadow where the owls will be able to hunt for food.

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