Music: More than just Melodies

Hi, I’m Abigail. I’ve always been a self-proclaimed “big-time theater and music nerd.” I am involved in music and theater programs in school., and it’s always been important for me to be able to experience my passion for music as an art, rather than just learning about it through a textbook. Music is something I experience with my whole being… I visualize shapes and colors as I immerse myself in its language.

Being at a school that values the Arts has meant that I am able to pursue my passion for music as part of my regular school day. This emphasis on the arts has been a huge blessing for me, and I’ve noticed two important impacts that music has had in my life.

First, it has impacted me socially.

I am a highly social person; a huge extrovert who loves to understand people, work collaboratively, and share thoughts and ideas. Therefore, it is important for me to connect with musicians in choir, symphony, and chapel team. At PCA, I have a voice in how we grow together as a music department. For example, after running a piece, our music director, Mr. Stevens, asked the class how we think we could revise the piece, prompting us to brainstorm as a team. Other times, he’s engaged us in activities to spark our creativity. While sometimes goofy, these collaborative activities help us to improve as musicians and increases the value of our performances, while also bringing the class together.

The second impact that music has had on my life is in spiritual growth.

It’s valuable to know that singing a piece carries some life to it – that you’re not just singing a song for the sake of singing, but for a more spiritual reason. I love when I can feel the energy of music and its impact on me and the people around me. Knowing that I’m sharing my musical gift with others has changed how I view the art, because God chose ME to share it, and gave ME the gifts to achieve it. This understanding changes my performances. It allows others to experience the life of the piece, while also recognizing music as a gift from God, and understanding its true depth.

PCA has allowed me to truly experience my passion for music. I’ve appreciated how music is critically taught through the lenses of creativity and true artistry, rather than from the perspective of strict musical rules. I’ve learned how music can change a life through lyrics and the musical elements. I have the privilege of creating art in a strong community of dedicated musicians, all working together to create a harmonious piece. Together we all can accomplish great things. I sometimes get emotional about the arts,  knowing that God has so much in store for me, and that music is the way I will be able to serve Him. I could not be more grateful.

Abigail is a high school senior at Portsmouth Christian Academy. She enjoys music and participates in PCA Voices as well as activities such as Jazz All-State. Abigail co-leads PCA’s Chapel Worship Team. She enjoys musical theater, and in her spare time, she writes music.

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