Mondays with Mike Podcast: Christmas and Christ at the Center at PCA

As we enter this second week of Advent and continue to learn and grow in every way at PCA, we turn to how we aim to put Christ at the center of everything at PCA—not just at Christmas, but especially at Christmas.

Click below to listen to my 10-minute thoughts on what it means and why keeping Christ central to everything at PCA blesses your child more than anything else we do, and we do many good things at our school. You can read a summary of the podcast further down in this message.

The Role of Christ in an Excellent Education

As a Christian school, we recognize that Christmas holds a special place in our calendar, embodying the joy and hope we find in Christ for all ages. At PCA, we intertwine Christ-centeredness with a focus on Christian character, a compassionate community, and a challenging curriculum (see my graphic below–this is how we think about your child’s growth year over year, and the results–results you tell us you hope for your children).

In the podcast, I emphasize the interconnectedness of these elements. I stress that a challenging curriculum alone–what most school’s focus on–is necessary but insufficient for your child’s flourishing and growth. True joy and hope emerge for your children when Christian character is formed through a deep understanding of Christ and expressed in the formation of Christian character within a community characterized by compassion.  This proven, time-tested, biblical approach extends to embracing a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses all our academics, fine arts, athletics, and relational aspects.

With Christmas approaching, we are intentional about highlighting Christ at the center of the PCA experience. The season of Advent serves as a time of preparation, focusing on God’s hope, joy, and peace found in Christ. We aim to instill this perspective in our students through classroom teachings, chapel activities, and various community events.

Christ is seen in community regularly at PCA, especially at Christmas. A great example was last week’s K-6 Christmas concert, a testament to the joy and understanding our students possess regarding the Christmas story. That will continue this week at the 7-12 Christmas concert–come in person or watch this student led streaming production online. These creative, joyful celebrations of God’s work through all time–focused on Christ–exemplifies the heart and joy with which our community approaches the message of Christmas.

In a world facing what seem to be overwhelming challenges, at PCA we help your children find true by be reflecting on the hardships surrounding Jesus’ birth. At the same time, we share the “good news”  as Jesus brought (and still brings) enduring hope to what seems like hopeless situations and to a harsh world. We aspire for your children to find lasting joy and peace, not just during the Christmas season but throughout their lives. 

As we focus on bringing Christ to the center of PCA, may this Christmas season fill you with true joy, enduring hope, and the assurance of Jesus’ transformative work in your life. Thank you for your commitment to PCA, and may God bless you abundantly this Christmas. Stay tuned for more updates next week.