Student Feature: Megan, Senior Class

What do you love about Portsmouth Christian Academy?
I adore the faculty at PCA because they are truly passionate about what they teach, and desire for you to truly understand and absorb the material. They are easily approachable and very welcoming to questions or inquiries, and if a student is struggling in any particular field, they can easily meet with their teacher to discuss any points of confusion.

Describe one of your favorite teachers and tell why he/she is a favorite.
One of my favorite teachers would have to be Mr. Stevens, who is my choir conductor and is actively involved in the music and theatre departments in a variety of ways. His joyful spirit, friendly nature, and love for the arts helps to make choir all the more enjoyable to be a part of! Another one of my favorite teachers is Mr. Beal, who I have for AP Literature. Although the class is challenging and requires sufficient dedication, hard work, and a love for writing, Mr. Beal makes the whole process enjoyable and presents the materials in ways which are comprehendible and understandable.

In what ways have you grown (spiritually, academically and/or developmentally) as a result of your experience at PCA?
Through PCA I have been academically challenged in a way that I may not have experienced as strongly in other schools. I have gained diverse skills in the fields of multitasking and time management, which I will be able to utilize as I depart for college in the fall. Spiritually, I have acquired more knowledge about not only the Christian faith and how it is viewed, but also of arguments in apologetics which pertain to the faith, as well as information about other world religions.

How do you feel that PCA is preparing you for graduation, college and life?
I definitely feel adequately prepared for college and beyond! The course load at PCA for me personally is challenging yet definitely manageable and not extraordinarily overwhelming, which is excellent because it provides me with academic challenges that I can practice conquering now before college. Through PCA, my writing skills have improved dramatically over the years, and Literature is now my strongest subject.

What makes PCA different from other schools in our area?
There are multiple characteristics about PCA that cause it to stand out in its own unique way. First and foremost, the most prominent component is the people there. Everyone is welcoming and accepting, and….it’s hard to adequately explain….there’s an air of genuine wholesomeness, love, positivity, and light given off by the faculty in particular. Bullying and drama is minimal compared to what you might find at your average public school, and the students are tight-knit and form strong bonds with one another. Last but not least (this is a little thing but I figured I’d mention it) – the facilities are very nice, orderly, and clean.

What opportunities do you experience at PCA that you don’t think you would have gotten to experience anywhere else?
When I was in middle school, I had the opportunity to participate in both the middle and high school-level orchestras simultaneously, and be a part of numerous concerts with both groups. I sincerely do not believe that I would have had that opportunity had I gone to a different school. Additionally, being surrounded by people who all have either a heart for God or a desire to learn more about God is very special in and of itself, and it’s a pleasure to be able to grow academically and spiritually alongside such a wonderful group of people.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your PCA experience?
The theatre department is absolutely wonderful! I participated in the run crew in my first PCA show when I was twelve years old and in sixth grade, and remember having such a wonderful time and wanting to perform onstage with my older friends. Now, I am one of the oldest as an eighteen-year-old senior, and have performed in numerous PCA plays and musicals since! Each show has been a beautiful memory in its own unique way, and one of the things that I will treasure most when I graduate are the times I have spent within the theatre department. Recently, the school incorporated a program which allows elementary and middle-schoolers to participate in one fall musical each year, and it has been a pleasure assisting backstage for those as well!

Originally Posted: February 5, 2018