Lower School Speech Meet Winners Announced

Congratulations to all of our grade level Speech Meet winners who presented their speeches in a special Lower School assembly last week!

Students in 1st-8th grade were selected from their class to present speeches in the assembly. Speeches ranged from poetry readings to persuasive essays, as each grade level was required to read or write a particular genre of literature.

We’re proud of our students for their hard work preparing for this annual assembly!

The winners from each class (pictured above) are:

Front row, L to R: Kamden Carreiro (1B), Gideon Miskimen (2B), Alex Brown (4B), and Lydia Tolley (1A)

2nd row, L to R: Sam Mezey (3A), Josiah King (4A), Sammy Nadeau (5A), Katie Derryberry (2A), Tobin Farmer (3B), and Chloe Tan (6A)

Casey Brunson (8A), Emma Eisner (7B), Maddie Painter , Ellie Kim (7A), and Isaac Kohl (8B)