Katya Engalichev Accepted to Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop

Congratulations to PCA Junior, Katya Engalichev, who has been accepted into the Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop. She said, “I count it as a great honor and privilege to have been accepted to the Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop for this upcoming summer.”

“I’ve fantasized about attending the program for years- it enthralled me with its promise of constant writing, an environment of adults and peers who are just as passionate about the literary arts as I am, and the chance to learn from their individual gifts and experience. Writing is fulfilling for me because it is art, and I choose to treat it as such… art is expression, art is communication, and consequently, art breeds connection. I find connection to be one of the most important aspects of human existence, and I am humbled to play my very small part in perpetuating it through my writing. I’m very grateful to my fantastic English teachers, Mr. Foley and Mr. Beal, for their wisdom, guidance, and support, and grateful to God for the opportunity to further my passion for writing through this workshop. I am enormously excited to learn.”

To learn more about this exciting program you can visit The Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop website. It describes the program as an intensive two-week workshop for intellectually curious, motivated, high school students who value writing. Our goal is to help students develop their creative and critical abilities with language—to become more productive writers, as well as more insightful thinkers. For over twenty-two years, Young Writers has provided a lively, supportive environment where students can stretch their talents, discover new strengths, and challenge themselves in the company of peers who share their interests.

This program is sponsored by the Kenyon Review (one of the country’s preeminent literary quarterlies) and takes place at Kenyon College, a leading liberal-arts college renowned for its tradition of literary study.”