Kapok Tree Play by PCAP

On March 29th, the 4-year old classroom of PCA performed a play for family and friends. Each March the four-year-old classrooms study the Amazon rain-forest. They learn about many different animals that inhabit the rain-forest, the four layers that make up the rain-forest, and about the importance of recycling.

At the end of the unit the children act out the story “The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest” by Lynne Cherry.

In this story, we hear from the animal’s perspective about why the rain-forest is so important as they plead their case to a man who has come to chop down the Great Kapok Tree.

“Do not chop down that tree” is enthusiastically declared from each child as they act out  their animal role.

“May you look upon us with new eyes when you awake”…and he does.

This is done by both 4-year-old classrooms: Miss Harlee & Miss Sue; Miss Beth & Miss Deb