Junior High Music Ensembles Finish the Year Strong at Spring Concert

Portsmouth Christian Academy (PCA) Junior High performed their spring concert yesterday afternoon, showcasing talent from Chorus, Ukulele, Orchestra, Band, and Jazz Band ensembles. The program was led and conducted by Fine Arts Director Carroll Stevens, Orchestra teacher, Susie Stevens and Band teacher, Katrina Veno.

Each performance was available virtually and in person for friends and families to watch. Students sang, strummed, freestyle-rapped, beatboxed, and played their instruments with great joy. The concert showcased pieces such as ‘Aloha Oe’ and ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ performed by Chorus and Ukulele, as well as fiddle tunes and a challenging set from Pirates of the Caribbean performed by the Orchestra. This was followed by more fun tunes such as ‘Liberty Bell March’ performed by the Band,  all songs that they had worked hard to master this quarter.

Veno thanked families for their support. “Thank you for supporting your children in their practicing, listening to them, encouraging them,” she said, “It’s been such so much fun to work with these guys this year and they did a lot. This was a big program with a lot of hard stuff, but they rose to the occasion.”

She concluded in prayer, thanking God for each family’s support, for the hard work of the students, and the blessing of gathering to make live music together.

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