Student Feature: Jimmy, Senior Class

Jimmy is an International student at Portsmouth Christian Academy and the President of the Class of 2020. 

What do you love about PCA?  

“PCA to me is not only a great school but it’s also like a big family to me because it’s a small school where you know everyone including staff and students. People are very nice here. I really love the strong connections among teachers and students. This is a place where teachers really care about students – not only because we are their students but also because they see us as friends.”

Who is one of your favorite teachers? Describe why he/she is a favorite.  

One of my favorite teachers is Ms. Weisberg. I am currently taking AP US Government and Politics with her. She is a great teacher. It’s no doubt that AP course is very difficult for me as an international student. But she makes learning very fun and interesting that I’ve started to love this course. She always encourages us to keep trying our best and push our limits. She is also a super nice person. There are times when I am struggling through school, and she is always there for encouragement, asking me how am I doing, and if there is anything she can help.  

How do you feel that PCA has prepared you for graduation, college, and life?  

As a college prep school, PCA is very helpful to prepare me for college in the aspect of doing science projects and academic writings. This really gives me confidence in entering my college life.  

PCA’s mission is to “Honor God joyfully by inspiring students to maximize their God-given potential.” How do you experience this mission at PCA?  

PCA is focusing on both student’s academic and extracurricular including sports, art, and all different club activity. You can always participate in different activities or creating clubs for the things you would like to do. There is always something you would enjoy and be good at here in PCA. 

What makes PCA different from other schools in our area?  

First, PCA is a nondenominational Christian School. Every student is welcome here. This gives me a really good opportunity to learn about Christianity. Second, as I mentioned, it’s a small and sweet school. You are not only a number to the teachers. There are strong bonds between teachers and students, and teachers can also be your mentor and guide you through your high school life. Third, I really love the beautiful campus that PCA has.  

What opportunities do you experience at PCA that you don’t think you would have gotten to experience anywhere else?  

The 3 years I have spent in PCA have shaped my values and characteristics of both how to be a successful person and a good person. Due to my experience of attending different schools, I will say that not many schools are doing both. 

You’re graduating this year! Congratulations! What are your future plans?  

I have decided to attend Indiana University Blooming Kelly Business School. And I will major in Supply Chain and Operational Management during my next four years.