Immigration Celebration Day at PCA

The Second Grade classes (led by Mrs. DiTommaso and Mrs. Lenz) at PCA presented their research projects for teachers, friends, family and fellow students on Wednesday, February 20. This lively presentation, held in the Gymnasium Annex at PCA, was the culmination of weeks of research on a lengthy project (Called IIM or Double IM, which stands for Individual Investigative Method) which focused on immigration in the children’s families.

Students chose a relative or ancestor (or in a few case the student’s own parents) who had immigrated to the USA.Students researched the life of individuals in their family trees using historical data and other primary sources. Displays portrayed actual travel documents, personal effects and artifacts, passenger lists, passports, photographs and journal entries.

As they studied their families’ roots, the students gained a rich knowledge of the countries of origin. The students were able to answer questions posed by teachers and visitors pertaining to the culture that they had researched. All of the students were well versed in the geography, languages, foods and traditions of ‘their’ countries.

Countries (and Provinces) represented in this year’s celebration included: England, Canada, Nova Scotia, Italy, Columbia, Poland, Nepal, Austria, Germany, Ireland and China.

As an added layer of interest, the students dressed in traditional clothing and served delicacies from the country of their heritage. The Lower School and Junior High Students were able to visit the celebration. The students mingled with the ‘characters’ and asked questions while obtaining lots of special treats.

Some of the treats that were served:

English scones with strawberries and whipped cream (in lieu of clotted cream) Polish Kielbasa and Polish chocolates, Columbian style Guacamole with chips, Nepali style curry potatoes, Nepali homemade doughnuts (called Roti) and Nepali beans, English Style baked beans, Irish Soda Bread, German sausages in homemade rolls with homemade Sauerkraut, German Chocolate Cake, Austrian Apple Strudel, Canadian Maple cream on bread, Italian Cookies , Chinese pancakes, Canadian/Scottish Maple cookies and Irish Beef Stew.