Grandma Junkins Celebrates her 90th Birthday

On Valentine’s Day February 14, 2019 Portsmouth Christian Academy (PCA) honored a long-time volunteer who turned ninety on February 7.  Children and teachers, including the second graders of Mrs. Lenz’s class, helped Mrs. Grace Junkins mark this milestone with a birthday celebration with cupcakes and special cards made by the children.

Mrs. Junkins, started as a volunteer in her granddaughter’s first grade classroom at PCA and has volunteered faithfully in a first grade and then second grade classroom every week for the past twenty-three years.  In addition to her own volunteer time, she previously transported one of our other volunteers (Diana Morin, a previous NHPIE award winning volunteer) who is unable to drive, so that she could volunteer as well.

Mary Lenz said, “Grace is a loving caring person who shines for Jesus and encourages us all to love and follow Him. She is a sweet addition to our class and considers all the children her adopted grandchildren. She is an invaluable help to me and such an encouragement.” Thank you, Grandma Junkins, for so many wonderful years of working with our younger students and a very happy 90th birthday to you!

Grace actively looks for ways to assist the classroom teacher while sharing grandmotherly love and care with the students.  Typically, Grace assists in preparing learning materials and works with individual students.  She enjoys reading to students.  She has also initiated and prepared special projects for the class to do, such as lovely May baskets.  Grace can often be found helping students learn to do things like tying their shoe laces.

Mrs. Junkins demonstrates values that we hope to foster in all of our students.  These values include a willingness and eagerness to learn and help, faithfulness to the things she works at, a cooperative spirit, and a desire to contribute to society in a selfless way.  Grace shares her love for, and faith in, God with everyone she meets and always has a smile on her face!